Easter kind of came at an unusual time this year. We had some other things our focus was on. Our daughter turning 18 which included a full week of plans. Senior pics, the Utah Jazz in the playoffs and a play weekend with friends. Needless to say in all of our planning not once did any of us realize it was Easter Weekend. Once awareness hit, plans changed. We had playoff tickets for the Jazz and ended up giving them to a client and friend. That one hurt a little, they weren’t cheap. We decided to stay here at the Homestead. Our son at BYU came up here for Easter. It has been very nice having him home and the family all together.

Despite getting confused at the date of Easter there is zero confusion or doubt regarding his Divinity and Infinite Atonement. This year with the kids being a bit older we decided to pass on the Easter Egg Hunt. As a family we wanted to enjoy time together, read the account of Christ’s last days, and tonight we will have a small testimony sharing together. The kids still wanted their Easter bunnies and baskets so we did that and I made a big breakfast this morning. We sat around the table reading from the scriptures for breakfast.

I was telling a friend this morning that being close to home this Spring has brought some unexpected tender mercies. I almost regret leaving tomorrow for Phoenix and then Las Vegas later this week. I have an opportunity to hit the Blue Diamond Rank in dōTERRA this month. I am excited to see friends and meet some new people. I have been on several video calls and phone calls this week preparing. The one thing I love about dōTERRA is that when we serve others and help them realize their dreams and goals, our dreams and goals follow. The experience of facing a new week, knowing what your challenge is, and going after it is pretty thrilling. This will happen. I will even be home in time for End Game Saturday (:

Happy Easter to all. Eat well, Love greatly and may Peace and Hope fill your hearts.

Update…Keith decided to surprise the kids and hid 25 of the plastic Easter eggs with $20 in each one around the East Lawn. Suddenly the kids became very interested in hunting eggs. It was quite awesome and totally made my day!

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