Soul Kitchen

Jon Bon Jovi has a restaurant called Soul Kitchen. There are no prices. It is up to the guests to pay what they can or want. When I first heard about this a couple of years ago I was floored. It amazed me that this could be a thing and it worked. Around that time I also heard a story of a hot dog vendor in NYC that had no prices and let his customers pay what they would and even make their own change. The surprising thing is this business model works. The businesses actually are very profitable. There is something about giving people freedom that true generosity rises to the surface.

There is the occasional individual that takes advantage. That happens no matter what you do. This whole business model has been one of those things that I have obsessed over for awhile. Due to some of our business pursuits and philanthropic interests we had an opportunity to experiment. A year in I can tell you it works. I have seen for myself, with my own eyes. Reviewed the numbers. Interviewed the restaurant staff. Spoke with guests. Generosity flows as a direct result of freedom and trust and it flows freely.

Often I have found myself asking “Can you imagine?” Well this is one time my imagination and obsession has really brought great Joy. I know there is much evil and bad in the world but there exists so much charity and love and it is beautiful. Sometimes to change an outcome you change the rules. Paradigm drives human nature. If at the end of my days I am remembered as kind I will be rich indeed.

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