Memorial Day 2019

This is one of my favorite Holidays. It marks the end of the school year and the beginning of Summer, although our kids still have a few days left. There is something very wrong going back to school after Memorial Day. Today started with a big French toast and bacon breakfast.

The plans were for a BBQ and Pool Party but with the intermittent rain and cooler temps the outdoor pool wasn’t feasible today. So we decided to have croquet on the East Lawn and have indoor activities in the Barn. I had Memorial Day Bingo cards made up and once you did a certain activity you got to check that box off. We had some great prizes.

For dinner Keith grilled enough steak and chicken to serve 100 people. The food was delicious but we have a ton left since we only had 40 guests. After dinner we enjoyed some homemade ice cream. Even on a cooler day fresh cookies and ice cream hit the spot.

Memorial Day is a celebration but we did take a moment of silence to remember those that have sacrificed so much and for those we love who are not with us. Love and respect to those absent. I hope you all enjoyed some laughter and great food today. It was a good day despite the schizophrenic weather.


May is such a crazy time with end of school. Concerts, dance performances, tryouts, graduations and baseball. It all hits and it’s insane. Sometimes you just have to throw your hands in the air and enjoy the ride. To make May just a little crazier we managed to slip in a little trip to Colorado. I was excited as Keith came with me this time. Both dōTERRA and looking at some properties were on the agenda, so we got a two for one plus a getaway together. Arrived on Tuesday May 14th and stayed at the Halcyon Hotel in Cherry Creek. I loved the rooftop pool and the great bathroom in our Suite!

Tuesday night we had a dōTERRA class and some very aggressive incentives offered to build this new team. They did such a great job inviting, sampling and preparing people. Thirteen attendees at the Tuesday class. Since there was two more classes scheduled for Friday evening and Saturday morning the hope was to have this first group invite others back with them and really have a strong week of recruitment. We were fortunate in that our preparation paid off. End of week was huge!

Wednesday morning was our journey to the back country of Colorado. Visited places like Gunnison, Avon, Sedalia, Eagle, Gypsum, Edwards, Aspen and Salida. A few of these places I had passed through but WOW it was time well spent! Colorado is a beautiful place. Keith and I had done our homework in preparation for the trip and found what we were looking for.

I loved the property we stayed at in Vail Wednesday and Thursday night. The hot tub under the stars was a very nice prelude to some great sex!

Friday afternoon back to Denver. Our last night was at one of the most unique and beautiful hotels I have ever seen. The Crawford Hotel in Downtown is the Union Pacific Train Station. It was a hub of activity including meeting space, restaurants, shops and just the heart of Downtown. It was part of an urban renewal project led by Dana Crawford. I have been learning more about her and what she has accomplished. I would love to meet her someday. Her accomplishments in renovating Downtown Denver is very impressive. Having done a renovation project, but nothing to this scale, I can say she is amazing. Great vision! If you are in the Metro Denver area, Union Station is a must see. Here is a link to some history Union Station. Beyond cool!

Wrapped up Saturday morning with a visit to the Oxford Spa and I had a salt scrub and then we enjoyed a couples massage with hot rocks. After Brunch with our guests a final dōTERRA class. The Colorado Team did awesome and are well on the way to continued success. It amazed me but some that attended Friday nights class came back Saturday and even brought some friends. I loved every minute of this trip and we even got invited back. I may take them up on the offer (:

As I mentioned it has been a full May. A few other things of note. I loved having all of my family home for Mother’s Day this year. Thank you Keith for the beautiful flowers.

Seminary graduation was last Sunday. The speakers were excellent and I can’t believe our daughters high school journey is nearly over. This past week I actually worked four days from the follow up to the Colorado trip and getting ready for what is to come. This Memorial Day Weekend included a Ward Temple Night Friday and we came back here to the Homestead for Dessert & Mingling. Saturday our son came home from Utah and brought some of his friends for the holiday weekend. It has been fun spending time with them. They went rock climbing until late and we ordered them pizza and wings at 11 last night. I am hoping the weather is nice tomorrow. Our plans include a BBQ & Pool Party with friends. I just want to use the outdoor pool so despite the forecast for rain I’m going to have hope for sunshine. This coming Friday is Graduation, so preparing for a full house of family and friends. Next Monday a quick trip and back to Primary Children’s Hospital to have our son checked out and Thursday June 6th we are off for three weeks to Cape Cod for vacation.

In wrapping this up, today was one of those bittersweet days. The last week of high school for our YW Seniors. They will begin moving on to YSA and RS in the weeks ahead. They bore their testimonies today in a combined YW Class. I will admit it brought me to tears. I love them. They are unique and beautiful and full of Hope. There are paydays in life. Today was a big one. I hope you all enjoy your Memorial Day and eat well. ♥️


Ever notice how children can make friends so easily? Just play together for the sake of play? They share because it’s the natural thing to do. They pretend because no one yet has put boundaries on their imagination. Kindness is the norm and laughter happens spontaneously. That is what we should all be trying to capture again. I have found when I seek to play in the adult world with these traits things just go well. This week I am in Colorado with Keith for business. Letting people know they are welcome to come play in your sandbox results in amazing things happening. When you are laughing together there is no limits to the awesomeness that follows. We may live in a grown up world but the best things happen when we play as children.

Star Wars Day

This year we wanted to do something fun for May the Fourth Be With You Day. In the past we have watched a Star Wars movie. This year it fell on a Saturday and yeah we couldn’t just only do a movie.

So with some planning the kids each invited their friends, lined up some Karate Tournament Referees and organized a Lightsaber Duel Tournament. I offered some help as they needed it, but they did almost everything. I believe it may be the first ever held in Idaho. The tournament had three age brackets 10-12, 13-16, 17+. Why the plus? Well the men wanted to duel to. 😂

The format was similar to a Karate Tournament. Points would be awarded for a qualifying strike. First to three points was the winner and would move to the next round. Strikes to the head and hands would cost a point and a broken lightsaber from too aggressive a blow was a disqualification. We wanted a good battle without drawing from the Dark Side of the Force. The kids were great! Most of the duels lasted 10 minutes and we had our champions within a couple of hours. All the Jedi competitors got a gift card to the theater and the winners got a high end lightsaber thanks to our friends at

After the Tournament we had hot dogs, chili dogs, hamburgers or cheeseburgers, variety bags of chips, root beer and jello in Lightsaber colors! The event was held in the Fieldhouse and once we got the movie screen all set-up it was a VIP Showing of Star Wars A New Hope. Force cupcakes, gummy worms, popcorn and kettle corn for the Jedi and parents. After the movie some stayed to look at the stars with the telescope. it was a clear and bright night sky. The older kids played on the Battle Pod. I should have had Darth Vader come. I realized late last night I blew that lol. May the Fourth Be With You until next year!