Star Wars Day

This year we wanted to do something fun for May the Fourth Be With You Day. In the past we have watched a Star Wars movie. This year it fell on a Saturday and yeah we couldn’t just only do a movie.

So with some planning the kids each invited their friends, lined up some Karate Tournament Referees and organized a Lightsaber Duel Tournament. I offered some help as they needed it, but they did almost everything. I believe it may be the first ever held in Idaho. The tournament had three age brackets 10-12, 13-16, 17+. Why the plus? Well the men wanted to duel to. 😂

The format was similar to a Karate Tournament. Points would be awarded for a qualifying strike. First to three points was the winner and would move to the next round. Strikes to the head and hands would cost a point and a broken lightsaber from too aggressive a blow was a disqualification. We wanted a good battle without drawing from the Dark Side of the Force. The kids were great! Most of the duels lasted 10 minutes and we had our champions within a couple of hours. All the Jedi competitors got a gift card to the theater and the winners got a high end lightsaber thanks to our friends at

After the Tournament we had hot dogs, chili dogs, hamburgers or cheeseburgers, variety bags of chips, root beer and jello in Lightsaber colors! The event was held in the Fieldhouse and once we got the movie screen all set-up it was a VIP Showing of Star Wars A New Hope. Force cupcakes, gummy worms, popcorn and kettle corn for the Jedi and parents. After the movie some stayed to look at the stars with the telescope. it was a clear and bright night sky. The older kids played on the Battle Pod. I should have had Darth Vader come. I realized late last night I blew that lol. May the Fourth Be With You until next year!

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