Vacation Cape Cod

It has been an awesome three weeks. I apologize for not being around much, but with family and friends coming and going, I took time to be in the moment. I have so much to share I’m not even sure where to start. I will try though. Watch for something new on Sunday. ♥️

Travel Update

We arrived today in Boston. That was such a fun experience flying on a private jet. The dogs were crazy excited and were looking out the windows. Kids were excited to! Heck I was excited lol! The first week is in Truro. Mandy, Sara and their families arrive Saturday. Our agenda includes exploring the Arm with beaches, restaurants, shops and some biking. Even found a way to put together a dōTERRA event. My iPhone had a mishap on Wednesday morning. Ordered a new one but it had to be shipped here, so I have only able to do a little messaging on Kik and some texts on my daughters phone. The kids think it’s quite funny. I still have the iPad and the Mac just haven’t been on much. Guess I fully embraced a little break for a few days. Anyway, I hope to be back connected tomorrow at some point.

End of School

The final week of school. For our daughter the end of her high school experience. It has been a full week here. Monday was a big shopping trip to Smiths. Wednesday a monthly brunch event. Thursday guests arriving. The boys, dogs and I went to pick up my parents. The dogs were not happy about the leashes. We always have to argue about it but I was like leashes or you can’t come with us. They finally relented but were not happy. They were excited to see grandma and grandpa though. Probably more excited than the boys.

We had 41 guests staying with us. Thursday and Friday dinners and Friday brunch were catered. With so much going on we wanted to enjoy the day, not be a slave to it. Friday was graduation. Bittersweet is the only way I know how to describe it. I am excited for her turn at BYU. I will miss her so much. She grew up too fast into a beautiful, smart, fun young woman. We celebrated her Friday evening with great food, a fun video Keith had put together and we made her take the mic and share with us her plans and dreams. Funny thing about dreams is when we share them they become possible. Something about putting something into words is like paint on a canvas. They become a living thing.

Saturday was her End of School Bash. Her day to celebrate with friends. We finally had a perfect weather day so the outdoor pool was officially opened. The afternoon included fun in the pools, A photoshoot, grilled hamburgers and homemade ice cream. That evening was a dance in the Fieldhouse and later that night Karaoke. My friends Sara and Mandy were so much help in making this happen.

Keith’s business partner and his wife took the younger boys and the other younger kids to see Godzilla. My dad went with them and they had a blast. The kids love David and as usual he spoiled them at the concessions stand.

It is hard to describe your feelings after a week like this. It has been like a rollercoaster. The Brunch on Wednesday was inspiring. The group made a dream come true for a family coping with illness. Seeing Hope in another’s eyes and countenance is one of the most beautiful things ever. I hope the memories will last forever. I thought the speakers at graduation did a great job. They were fun but some great advice looking forward. It wasn’t that long ago I was facing that same unknown road ahead. Life truly is an adventure. Today I shared my testimony at Church. I don’t do it often, but under the circumstances I couldn’t resist. I did text the Bishop to warn him in advance. No one lost their testimony over my moment at the pulpit. Life is precious. Be grateful, be mindful and live. It isn’t enough to watch the days pass by.