Love, Sex and Lust

One of my favorite people ever created this graphic for me. So Kudos and ♥️ to him.

We are rarely going to find any of the intersecting zones if we are not in balance. These intersecting zones are like the beach or the mountains rather than the highway. It’s where we disconnect and find some peace and fun.

Sex and orgasms are amazing. With others, by ourselves, with toys or a spouse. It can be beautiful, it can be dark. I like nice and naughty. Know thyself is important and especially true of sex. No one wants the burden of guilt and shame. That is not a healthy sexual place to be.

Sex isn’t perfect. It surprisingly takes work and sacrifice. Yeah, who would have guessed? Time is the enemy that robs us of intimacy. First, it’s lack of sex and then it is lack desire. Want to improve a relationship instantly. Have more sex. Endorphins make us happy and tolerable. Sex makes more endorphins.

I don’t believe you need to have mind blowing sex every time you spread your legs. I do believe that you need to have at least one of the other circles intersect to have great sex.It doesn’t matter if it’s Lust and Sex or Love and Sex but you need at least one. I can enjoy intimate, gentle, intense sex with my husband or at times it can be raw, lust driven and very naughty. If you dwell in the circles by yourself, you isolate the experience. A connection to another really makes the intersections a next level event. There are times that we experience it alone. Emotionally and Physically. That is okay, but don’t get stuck there.

Lust and Love can also intersect without sex being a part. A crush, true love, passion all feed that intersection and in many ways fuel some pretty awesome urges. You don’t have to consummate sex. That’s why kissing, making out, petting, holding hands, mutual masturbation are so important. We learn in the Love and Lust intersection what sex has the potential to be. If we fall over ourselves to get to sex we rob ourselves of experiences that can create a lifetime of great sex.

The pink zone is a great place to visit from time to time. For a very long time Keith enjoyed me fooling around with others without sex happening. A few close calls and eventually after years I went all the way. It can be insanely awesome in the pink zone but for a long time in those extramarital experiences the other intersections is where we had our fun. The green, purple and orange is really where great sex happens. You don’t need group sex or threesomes.

The most honest advice I can give you is everything in life we learn by experience. If you screw up, start over. Sex is not what defines us, it is the intimacy we discover along the way. ♥️

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