Girl’s Camp 2019

I LOVE CAMP! It was another great year. I think I have attended most of the Girl’s Camps of my adult life. I have served in Young Women’s in one capacity or another for as long as I can remember. I wouldn’t know how to do anything else in the Church.

Kudos to the Priesthood. They were awesome getting Camp set up. It is all out for us, every year! No way we could do it without them. Half a day setup and takedown and they have it down to a science.

A few highlights of Camp 2019. First, we had a goal to have every one of the girls attend. That is not easy with sports, dance, family, travel, work and friends. This was not a goal of the YW Leaders, this was something the girls wanted. There were tender mercies along the way to making this goal happen for them. Some great people changed plans, parents worked around our schedule for vacations, employers granted wishes.

Another first was having 11 year old Beehives at Camp this year. You have never seen so much energy and excitement from anyone. It was contagious.

Another highlight was the food! BBQ’d chicken the first night, followed by tinfoil dinners, steak kabobs and finally Navajo tacos. The breakfasts weren’t too bad either. Between the campfire, grill, cooktop and Dutch Oven we really nailed the food.

The days were filled with shared activities with the Stake. The Amazing Race and all the activities associated with that. The Opening & Closing Ceremony, the Hike, the Panel Discussion and the Trail Run. The evenings at our Camp included the Smoothie Bar, volleyball, star gazing with a full moon, Karaoke, PlayStation, Once I was a Beehive movie and the Bishopric visit and our Testimony meeting by campfire.

I think the Laurel performance of Poker Face by Lady Gaga is one of the greatest Karaoke performances ever! One thing I am most grateful for. These young women know love. They are strong in their faith and they are full of goodness.

After arriving home, I crashed once the girls had been picked up. Keith was in charge of Friday Night Cinema for the kids. I got up in time to have some pizza and watch. Sunset was at 9:02 last night and the boys picked Bumblebee.

Saturday morning was the real test to attend the Temple. It was our wrap up to Camp Week. I know how tired I was, so with a silent prayer in my heart and a light breakfast of cinnamon roles, juice and hot chocolate the girls arrived one by one. They all came.

Every. Single. One!

The Bishopric performed the baptisms and after, we went to Chuck-A-Rama for lunch. There is nothing I can imagine of greater significance than being in the Temple with these young women. The bar has been set. The gauntlet laid down. The blessings of 2019 we expect to carry into another year. Now that all is said and done I may sleep until tomorrow! ♥️

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