This Summer has had us on the go. I really needed some time to recharge. Monday was my first Me Day in awhile. Started the day with a 90 minute massage. Then grabbing the book The Martian I headed out to the Pool for a day of reading. Enjoyed the sun, shade and a nap. Keith took me to a nice dinner at Texas Roadhouse after. Night ended with a couple of orgasms.

Tuesday was a Girls Day. A few friends came by for a morning Bungee Workout. Enjoyed the Steam Room and Brunch after. Caught up on our lives then a shopping expedition in the afternoon. I bought a new pair of jeans at the Buckle. It was fun checking things out and I tried on about ten pairs of jeans! I am just not much of a shopper. Honestly I would rather do Clothing Swaps and make it a Party. Definitely a cheaper way to update your wardrobe. My friends had greater shopping success though which we celebrated over dinner at Olive Garden. Warning, if you order the Tour of Italy 🇮🇹 dinner prepare to be stuffed. I love their breadsticks and mozzarella sticks. Such a good day, I love my friends.

Wednesday, July 24th, Pioneer Day. Had a full evening of activities including our Second Annual 5K Trail Run. Last year it was held on July 4th, but we found it was just too much on that day. I think the move to Pioneer Day worked out well. The run started at 5 pm and it was HOT! This year, we also made the Evening a fundraiser for the Foundation. There was Open Pool for those wanting to escape the heat. Karaoke started at 7 pm and we had judges and prizes for the winners. Honestly there was some really great talent. Fireworks started after sunset. Pretty good show for 30 minutes.

Loved having the kids home for a long weekend. Our daughter brought a few of her friends with her. I had met them previously. We have officially made them a part of the family ♥️

Thursday, I took the girls to breakfast at Kneaders. They wanted to enjoy some time at the Pool and relax all afternoon. After an early dinner we hit the indoor climbing wall. The music was loud and they had a blast. Wrapped up the night by singing Karaoke again until real late. It was insane and I was laughing so hard. Great times.

Friday was a pretty casual day. The weather started to cool and the wind picked up. We ended up moving Friday Night Cinema into the Fieldhouse. Picked one of our favorite movies, Inception.

Saturday we slept in a bit. A couple of late nights catches up to you. Lazy morning by the Pool. We found out our guests had never been shooting before. So we grabbed some of the shotguns. Eventually they kinda got the hang of it. Shooting is easy, hitting the clays not so much 😂. Sounds like next up is the four wheelers. Keith is taking the girls exploring for awhile. I am going to finish my book. Hope you all are enjoying your Summer!

2 thoughts on “Recharging

  1. The Martian is one of my favorite books. It’s amazing to find a “quick read” with so much good science.

    And the Lord of the Rings references were hilarious.

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