Love, Sex and Lust

One of my favorite people ever created this graphic for me. So Kudos and ♥️ to him.

We are rarely going to find any of the intersecting zones if we are not in balance. These intersecting zones are like the beach or the mountains rather than the highway. It’s where we disconnect and find some peace and fun.

Sex and orgasms are amazing. With others, by ourselves, with toys or a spouse. It can be beautiful, it can be dark. I like nice and naughty. Know thyself is important and especially true of sex. No one wants the burden of guilt and shame. That is not a healthy sexual place to be.

Sex isn’t perfect. It surprisingly takes work and sacrifice. Yeah, who would have guessed? Time is the enemy that robs us of intimacy. First, it’s lack of sex and then it is lack desire. Want to improve a relationship instantly. Have more sex. Endorphins make us happy and tolerable. Sex makes more endorphins.

I don’t believe you need to have mind blowing sex every time you spread your legs. I do believe that you need to have at least one of the other circles intersect to have great sex.It doesn’t matter if it’s Lust and Sex or Love and Sex but you need at least one. I can enjoy intimate, gentle, intense sex with my husband or at times it can be raw, lust driven and very naughty. If you dwell in the circles by yourself, you isolate the experience. A connection to another really makes the intersections a next level event. There are times that we experience it alone. Emotionally and Physically. That is okay, but don’t get stuck there.

Lust and Love can also intersect without sex being a part. A crush, true love, passion all feed that intersection and in many ways fuel some pretty awesome urges. You don’t have to consummate sex. That’s why kissing, making out, petting, holding hands, mutual masturbation are so important. We learn in the Love and Lust intersection what sex has the potential to be. If we fall over ourselves to get to sex we rob ourselves of experiences that can create a lifetime of great sex.

The pink zone is a great place to visit from time to time. For a very long time Keith enjoyed me fooling around with others without sex happening. A few close calls and eventually after years I went all the way. It can be insanely awesome in the pink zone but for a long time in those extramarital experiences the other intersections is where we had our fun. The green, purple and orange is really where great sex happens. You don’t need group sex or threesomes.

The most honest advice I can give you is everything in life we learn by experience. If you screw up, start over. Sex is not what defines us, it is the intimacy we discover along the way. ♥️

Independence Day

We got home Saturday evening. Home Sweet Home. The truest words ever spoken. The place looks great and the Cat was happy to see most of us. I did work on Monday but it was mostly some catch up and our meetings we were able to do outside. Even got my hair wet in the Pool.

Tuesday we ran up to an area a bit north of Butte. We took the Jeep and the younger boys for a day trip and some off-road exploration. Montana is a beautiful place. We haven’t spent much time that way but it feels like a second Idaho. On the way back we stopped at this small restaurant recommended by a good friend. The place is an old one room school house in Dell, Montana. Yesterday’s Calf-A. I am telling you, if you are in the area, this place was so yummy. Doesn’t look like much, but I promise you the best food you will ever experience.

Wednesday was prep day for the Sometimes Annual July 4th Event. This isn’t quite as crazy as the Halloween Event but always a blast! This year we made a lot of water balloons. I mean like a couple thousand. Go big or go home 🇺🇸

Why so many you ask? Well here is the thing with the Summer Games. It’s kind of like the Olympics. Lots of people and balloons. So many balloons. Balloons in buckets, little pools, on the grass, on the path by the grass, on the stairs, on the patio. There were water balloons everywhere. In the end there were none left.

The Games. Many of which are water centered, but not all. The water balloon toss, the water fight, dodge balloons, splash, Bingo, coloring contest, Flynn’s Arcade and sand volleyball. Highlights included the splashes into the Pool. We had judges and kids in the Splash Zone. Epic! Dodge balloons was a huge event. Everyone started in the middle of the yard then ran for hundreds of balloons along the back line. It was crazy! Innocent people were being hit by stray balloons. Anyway fun for all and all for fun.

The Food. Keith and the Grill Team, his buddies who are the alpha dogs of BBQ, were in charge the ribs, chicken and burgers. We had everything else catered but the homemade ice cream and rootbeer. That we trust to no one 😂.

After the BBQ we headed over to the Landing for the Fireworks. Grateful to Melaleuca for sponsoring such a great event. If you have never been it has become one of the best events around and I love it down on the Snake River. Such a beautiful venue and area. Never disappointed. God Bless the USA!

A BIG thanks to our Sponsors as well. I could never pull it off without their support. The prizes were a hit.

Summer Vacation 2019

So here is my attempt at sharing our vacation story. It may be longer than usual.

Week 1

Vacation begins June 6 on a private jet from Idaho Falls to Boston. None of us have never been on a private jet. I highly recommend it! The dogs were able to come as well and you have never seen such happy pups. It was a very kind thing someone did for us in letting our family have such a cool experience. After arriving in Boston and after dinner we headed for the Cape. Truro was our first destination.

First couple of days was just the family less our oldest. He wasn’t able to come out until the 16th. Friends arrived on Saturday evening and after Church Sunday we really got into vacation mode. Church was held in a small branch in Brewster. They were as excited to see us as we were them!

One of the highlights was the Whale Tour out of Provincetown. Here is a link, highly recommend this experience Sail Cape Cod. The sailboat was the Bay Lady II. A Schooner built in 1984 which coincidentally was the year BYU won the National Championship in Football. Just saying. We did see Whales and I guess Dolphins to, but I was locked in on the Whales. It was breathtaking. I had no idea. Anyway yeah, pretty awesome.

I really love Provincetown. We did the tourist thing and hit the shops as well as did a Tour of the Sand Dunes. The beaches were a hit with the kids but only had a couple of really nice days.

Another highlight was Lewis Brothers Ice Cream. OMG! We went back several times!

Week 2

Osterville was our second destination. My family joined us on Saturday evening and our son made it in Sunday night. Attended Church in a branch in Cataumet. Small branch and such nice people. Barnstable, Centerville and Osterville are all beautiful towns. Shops, restaurants and sailboats. Lots and lots of sailboats.

I particularly loved watching the sailboats from the House. One of the best views ever.

Here are some additional pics. Fancy’s Market was just one of those local places you could get a sandwich, salad or pick up groceries. There was a lot of ice cream consumed on this trip!

Loved our day out sailing. We chartered a private 60 ft yacht and enjoyed a day out at sea. Got to swim and relax and even help sail the boat. It was incredible to take the wheel and feel the wind blow through your hair. Keith really fell in love with sailing on this trip. It makes me so happy he found something that touched his Soul deeply. On one of the afternoons we went Paddle Boarding and Kayaking. Definitely enjoyed time at the Pool at the property as well. Grateful for a few sunny nice days. We did get a pretty intense storm through as well which was incredible to watch.

Week 3

Final destination Martha’s Vineyard. Keith’s family arrived on Saturday evening. They were the largest group we had so despite the large House and the Boathouse we were full.

Sunday we attended Church at a branch in Vineyard Haven. Was the closest of any of the branches we attended so was nice not driving 30-45 minutes one way.

Originally had planned to leave Thursday, a couple of days before Keith’s family. The group that flew us out contacted us Monday and asked if we wanted to stay a few extra days since they had some plans change. It was pretty awesome picking up that extra time.

While here we went sailing again on the biggest sailboat we had been on. A 70 ft Oyster 675.

It was a magical day. Surprisingly they even make yachts bigger than 70 ft. I thought the 60 ft yacht was BIG. Surprised how much more you get with 10 ft. It was HUGE!

One of the unique things in visiting Cape Cod is the Ferry. The big ones come out of Woods Hole and you can bring your vehicle. A few words of wisdom. Parking is a premium so sometimes it’s more trouble than it’s worth. Uber, Buses, bikes and even mopeds are better options most days. The ferry trip from Woods Hole to Vineyard Haven is pretty cool though. We really like watching them come in. If you do bring a vehicle schedule.

The weather cooperated and we enjoyed a couple of really nice days. Thursday night this fog rolled in and it was creepy. You couldn’t see anything. Keith, his brother and brother-in-law scared the boys to death out in the Boathouse, in the middle of the night!

A few of us went Kite Boarding. It was one of the most fun things I have ever tried. Probably one of the most expensive things to! After private lessons, several failures, finally I was doing it! Exhausting and Exhilarating. The kids spent the afternoon Wake Boarding and Tubing. Here is a link to the company Next Level. The trainers and their people were amazing. Thursday we toured the island sightseeing and shopping. Friday another day on the water Windsurfing, Paddle Boarding and Kayaking. Shared a delicious dinner with everyone here in the Vineyard B&B private dining room. It was a nice way to wrap up the week.

One of the most tender moments was an evening on the Beach where we had dinner catered and enjoyed a Fireside with all of the family. I am not going to share what was said as that is for us, but there were tears of Joy and a very powerful confirmation of the truth of Christ. These are the paydays of parenthood.

Saturday morning was a very early start. To the ferry by 5:30 am and first stop was Woods Hole then back to Boston. Our flight wasn’t until 3 pm so we had arranged to drop the dogs at Red Dog Pet Resort so we could play a few hours. Those dogs had fun getting groomed and pampered 😂

Keith had reserved a two hour Boston Segway Tour for us of the area including the Harbor, Freedom Trail, Downtown and the Greenway. Boston is such a beautiful city as far as cities go. After lunch we picked up the dogs and headed to catch our flight.

It was fun, we are tired and the dogs I think had the most fun of everyone. It is nice to be home!