Speaking in Boston

Last year our Foundation was blessed to receive a very generous donation from a business in the Boston area. In June we returned to Cape Cod for a family vacation and during the time we were there we again met with their Board for lunch and to give an accountability in what we have accomplished over the past year. I was asked to return in a few months to speak to a larger group about Philanthropy. So this has been a full week in getting ready for the dōTERRA Convention and everything surrounding that and this quick trip to back East.

Woke up early Thursday to catch a flight out of Idaho Falls at 7:55 am. Arrived in SLC at 8:57 am off to Boston an 9:35 am. Landed in Boston at 4:26 pm. It is rough traveling East. Takes all day and just kicks your tail. They sent a car for me and I got checked in at The Liberty Hotel. This place was super cool. It was an old jail built in 1851. Near Beacon Hill in the heart of Historic Boston. After dinner I hung out with other travelers at the bar and had a few virgin margaritas. I think a few people got a laugh at my choice of drinks, but there was no shortage of offers to buy me one. Absolutely loved this Hotel. The corner room with the views was stunning. Slept with the windows open and naked.

Friday morning enjoyed a great breakfast at the Clink then was picked up and taken by car to the venue. There was 100 guests in addition to the hosting business and myself. The first hour was a Meet & Greet then lunch at noon. I was given 45 minutes to speak. Fortunately I don’t think I embarrassed the hosts or myself. They were all extremely kind and generous. Despite my nervousness I really had a good time. Later that evening they had a private dinner for several from the luncheon. Pretty casual and some interesting conversations.

Saturday was an early flight back home. Left at 6:20 am, arrived in SLC at 9:39 am. Had a hamburger, fries and a cherry coke. Left SLC at 11:25 am landed in Idaho Falls at 12:35 pm. A few close friends surprised me at the airport and then quote a few came by the Homestead for an impromptu celebration. It was a good afternoon. Feeling a great deal of gratitude after this week.

Jackson Hole Adventure

Two years in a row we ended our Summer in Wyoming. Absolutely beautiful country and the best time of the year to go. Invited friends and their family to join us for three nights in a home near Jackson Hole Mountain Resort. Arrived early afternoon on Monday and got settled and the toys unloaded. Played some cards, watched a movie, enjoyed a nice dinner. There was plenty of room for all of us.

Tuesday spent the day out four-wheeling. Got very dirty up in the mountains. For dinner we had reservations to the Bar J Chuckwagon. If you haven’t experienced a supper like that just make the time and do it. The Bar D Chuckwagon in Durango, Colorado is similar, but the food at the Bar J was incredible. Even more incredible than the Bar D which is crazy. Loved this day!

Wednesday was rafting on the Snake River. Most of the rapids are Class 3, but some were pretty intense for Class 3. The run was 8 miles and took us three hours. Our raft was the kind where everyone got to paddle. No free rides! High Adventure for us.

Thursday was a ride on Big Red. Absolutely beautiful up on top. Felt like you could see the whole world or at least all of Wyoming. Here is the official description from their website.

In just 12 minutes, the Aerial Tram glides skyward 4139 vertical feet. The summit offers staggering 360-degree views of the Tetons, Jackson Hole valley and surrounding mountain ranges. The “Top of the World” provides amazing access to a plethora of of great hiking and running trails, climbing and the occasional snowball fight.

With the tram you get access to the gondolas has the chairlifts. I look forward to going back, never enough time to do as much as you want. After our trip to Teton Village we loaded up and headed back to Idaho Falls. Got in pretty late. Left the unloading for morning.

Friday we slept in. After four days everyone was tired. Once everything was cleaned up and put away, errands ran, groceries bought we started setting up for Friday Night Cinema. This was the last outdoor movie night of the Summer and the unanimous choice was Avengers End Game. To wrap up our outdoor movie nights we had Costa Vida cater dinner. It was a yummy way to kick off the evening.

Saturday was Keith and my Anniversary. Started the day with sex and ended the day with sex. The boys made us scrambled eggs, English muffins, sausage links and OJ for breakfast. Keith took me to get a new pair of jeans and I talked him into a new suit. Our evening ended with dinner at The Cellar in Ammon. He had the prime rib and I had the filet mignon. Creme Brûlée for dessert. Stayed in the guest house for the first time. I will give him points for being a romantic. It has been a good 24 years. ♥️

One Week

Back 2 School is almost here. I think it’s good for kids to get back in a routine and a schedule. I have two at BYU this year and two at home. Thursday we started our shopping adventure with lunch at Costa Vida.

The boys had worked hard this Summer and bought their own clothes. I took care of new shoes, backpacks and school supplies. Stayed focused and we had it all done by dinner time. Dillard’s, Buckle, American Eagle Outfitters, Foot Locker, Zumiez, Old Navy and Walmart were some of our favorite stops.

We met Keith for dinner at Sizzler. Steak and Shrimp. Lots of Shrimp. There was Giant Shrimp and All You Can Eat Shrimp. The server kept us in drinks and Shrimp so Keith tipped her well. I didn’t realize we had a Red Robin here. I should have, but I didn’t see it until we were leaving. Definitely going back there soon. I love their Burgers. Weird how sometimes we are so blind in missing things.

Friday we went down to Palisades. Took the Jeep and explored off-road a bit and hiked awhile. Keith and the boys made a Fire Pit and we had some S’mores after a light dinner I brought down with us. It was a lot of fun and WOW the stars were bright. Ended up getting back around 11 that night. Super fun couple of days!

The Dunes

This afternoon a bunch of friends and our families went to the sand dunes in St. Anthony. Such a cool place to spend time. We had ATVs, UTVs and Motorbikes. Brought Kites, GoPros and even a Drone. After an afternoon on the dunes dinner was served up to a hungry group. Keith brought one of his telescopes so our group could look at the stars after the sun had set. The half moon was insane. It has been quite an adventurous day!

Hello August

Well the beginning, of the end, of Summer is here. It was a pretty full week. An event, video calls, dōTERRA end of month, a play date, Keith in Utah on business and Friday Night Cinema.

Time for reading. It has been forever since I have read a Dan Brown book. I started The Lost Symbol and am really enjoying. At times I haven’t been able to put it down. Time hasn’t allowed me to lose myself in a good book in awhile. I can be a bit of a book worm.

Time for Sex. Thursday I met up with a friend for Costa Vida. I met her last year kind of by accident when she slipped me her name and number as I was leaving the Hotel. She has become a very good friend…very, very good. With Keith out of town we made it an afternoon. One nice thing about girl girl is you can go and go.

Time for a movie. Friday Night Cinema this week was Ant Man & The Wasp. Several of the other moms offered to help this weekend. The kids wanted to watch the movie in the Pool. It has been so hot this past week. Sunset was at 8:48 and we had a table set up with treats and a beautiful starry night for a movie.

Time for fun. Next week is school shopping, a day at the Sand Dunes in St. Anthony and planning a last Summer trip to Jackson Hole. Might be slipping away for another afternoon of Scissoring. One nice thing about the heat of Summer and the humidity we have been having is sheen. Makes for great Sex!