Hello August

Well the beginning, of the end, of Summer is here. It was a pretty full week. An event, video calls, dōTERRA end of month, a play date, Keith in Utah on business and Friday Night Cinema.

Time for reading. It has been forever since I have read a Dan Brown book. I started The Lost Symbol and am really enjoying. At times I haven’t been able to put it down. Time hasn’t allowed me to lose myself in a good book in awhile. I can be a bit of a book worm.

Time for Sex. Thursday I met up with a friend for Costa Vida. I met her last year kind of by accident when she slipped me her name and number as I was leaving the Hotel. She has become a very good friend…very, very good. With Keith out of town we made it an afternoon. One nice thing about girl girl is you can go and go.

Time for a movie. Friday Night Cinema this week was Ant Man & The Wasp. Several of the other moms offered to help this weekend. The kids wanted to watch the movie in the Pool. It has been so hot this past week. Sunset was at 8:48 and we had a table set up with treats and a beautiful starry night for a movie.

Time for fun. Next week is school shopping, a day at the Sand Dunes in St. Anthony and planning a last Summer trip to Jackson Hole. Might be slipping away for another afternoon of Scissoring. One nice thing about the heat of Summer and the humidity we have been having is sheen. Makes for great Sex!

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