Speaking in Boston

Last year our Foundation was blessed to receive a very generous donation from a business in the Boston area. In June we returned to Cape Cod for a family vacation and during the time we were there we again met with their Board for lunch and to give an accountability in what we have accomplished over the past year. I was asked to return in a few months to speak to a larger group about Philanthropy. So this has been a full week in getting ready for the dōTERRA Convention and everything surrounding that and this quick trip to back East.

Woke up early Thursday to catch a flight out of Idaho Falls at 7:55 am. Arrived in SLC at 8:57 am off to Boston an 9:35 am. Landed in Boston at 4:26 pm. It is rough traveling East. Takes all day and just kicks your tail. They sent a car for me and I got checked in at The Liberty Hotel. This place was super cool. It was an old jail built in 1851. Near Beacon Hill in the heart of Historic Boston. After dinner I hung out with other travelers at the bar and had a few virgin margaritas. I think a few people got a laugh at my choice of drinks, but there was no shortage of offers to buy me one. Absolutely loved this Hotel. The corner room with the views was stunning. Slept with the windows open and naked.

Friday morning enjoyed a great breakfast at the Clink then was picked up and taken by car to the venue. There was 100 guests in addition to the hosting business and myself. The first hour was a Meet & Greet then lunch at noon. I was given 45 minutes to speak. Fortunately I don’t think I embarrassed the hosts or myself. They were all extremely kind and generous. Despite my nervousness I really had a good time. Later that evening they had a private dinner for several from the luncheon. Pretty casual and some interesting conversations.

Saturday was an early flight back home. Left at 6:20 am, arrived in SLC at 9:39 am. Had a hamburger, fries and a cherry coke. Left SLC at 11:25 am landed in Idaho Falls at 12:35 pm. A few close friends surprised me at the airport and then quote a few came by the Homestead for an impromptu celebration. It was a good afternoon. Feeling a great deal of gratitude after this week.

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