We. Are. BYU!

Well all the men and boys in the family trekked to Knoxville, Tennessee for the BYU vs. Tennessee football game. Ten of them all expecting a fun time but not the miracle or impossible. I quote Keith “If I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes I wouldn’t believe it.” I was in Park City watching the game with friends and I still can’t believe it. There was screaming and a FaceTime call from Keith and they were screaming. Insanity or Joy. Not sure, but it was awesome. The future only knows what the season will bring, but for this weekend Cougar Nation is enjoying a little pride. Heads up, eye contact and Hope. Definitely nice after the pain of week 1.

I am glad the boys had a great experience. They stayed at the Tennessean Hotel, visited Old City and Market Square. The city of Knoxville and the Tennessee fans were gracious and wonderful hosts. I am glad we won, but I understand the heartbreak. I wish them a successful rest of season.

Here are some pics from their fun. Neyland Stadium is huge and they kept saying it was so loud. Over 10,000 Cougar fans attended the game.

One of Keith’s friends was on the opposite end of the stadium and took this before pic during the game and a post pic after the game. You can see Cougar Nation in the corner celebrating. I think I see the boys!!! 😂

Plus my favorite pic of the night. Singing the Fight song and celebrating with the fans.

This is college football. This is why we play, travel, cheer. As is our tradition, if we travel to a game Keith always buys a tee from the other team and brings it home. Can’t wait to get it for the Wall.

As for me. A busy week preparing for Convention. I had a quiet night at home Friday evening. Listened to music and relaxed. Didn’t even realize there was a Boise State game Friday night lol. I’m not much of an Idahoan I guess. I feel some shame…not really 😂.

A few of us left for Utah after lunch Saturday and arrived in Park City in time to unload and order some food for the game. Watched it with close friends, dressed in navy and white and even cheered with my best friends. Lots of laughing and a bit crazy ourselves. It was a blast watching on a very large screen. DōTERRA Convention is next week and looking forward to seeing so many friends.

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