Last Night

Okay first off BYU defeats 24th ranked USC. It was an awesome game. Insanely hot at 85 and had a bit of everything. The Cougarettes performance at the end of the first quarter is always epic. Three interceptions on the USC quarterback, the last in overtime for the win. Cougar Tails, need I say more? The fans rushing the field after the interception. I guess no one was really expecting the win and when it happened, the way it happened, it was an outburst of emotion for us all.

Insane game and the beginning of a really crazy night. Keith and I planned to leave after dinner with friends, but with the win, decided to stay in Provo. Took everyone awhile to exit the stadium after a prolonged celebration. Eventually we made our way to Tepanyaki for dinner up by University Place. One of our big things is the catching of the shrimp in your mouth. Good times and great food!

After dinner we had a private party. I will share this. There were three bedrooms, four men, five women, 20 minutes per round. It was a very wet and erotic evening. I think I had 8 orgasms by the time we ended around 1 in the morning. I also got all 4 cocks. After the past few weeks I really needed to let loose a bit. Nothing like a crazy win to get you excited.

Best. Post. Game. Ever!

Go Cougars!

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