The Red Forest

This has been a week of discovery and renewal. Had some deep conversations with friends in person and online as I look to the future. Lately exhaustion has been tracking me like a predator. Many of my goals and plans have been set aside as I have felt overwhelmed in how to accomplish them. For those that took the time to listen my gratitude is full. Inspiration strikes when we are ready and willing to let go. Not always easy, but oh did it come. Several days of adjustments followed, both personal and organizational. By Wednesday many decisions had been made, but I took it to the Lord. In the Temple I prayfully shared my vision and desires and asked for his blessing if it was right. Then I let it rest.

The weather has been racing towards Winter quickly. Snow in Wyoming and Montana last weekend. Heavy rains in Idaho Falls. Keith and I really wanted to go see the Colors of Fall before snow fell. Friday we checked the kids out of school at noon and headed to the Palisades. The Colors were brilliant. Despite sun, rain and snow, all in a few hours, the Colors never faded a bit. A Red Forest for sure.

Made it back in time for the kids to arrive, with friends in tow, from BYU. Conference Weekend began with pizza and wings followed by Laser Tag.

One thing we enjoy during Conference is great food, treats, play and the Spirit. The announcements yesterday regarding the changes in the youth programs were very exciting. Last night brought tears of Joy hearing about the Orem, Utah Temple and others around the World. It was incredible hearing that announcement in the Women’s Session. After the news, Keith and I were talking how obvious it is to see the Lord’s hand in these changes. They make so much sense in fulfilling the Lord’s purposes. Keith is especially excited as he will be working directly with our youngest son who is a Deacon. I am grateful for the changes in how we can structure our YW classes to meet our specific needs. Seeing these inspired changes were an answer to my prayers, not only for the YW I serve, but my own personal circumstances. Simple changes open new doors and opportunities. This weekend has energized me in ways I didn’t expect. I feel renewed and full of Hope.

We wrapped up Saturday night indoor rock climbing. I am not sure what time the kids went to bed but Keith and I crashed at midnight. Sunday started with a big breakfast again and dragging, sleepy kids. Conference today wasn’t the sprint of Saturday but I have enjoyed the messages and most importantly have my answers. We have work to do.

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