Thanksgiving 2019

A few things to consider. Charity never faileth. What does that mean? The Pure Love of Christ endureth and heals completely. Sometimes the wounds of mortality sting for awhile, but we all will be made whole. Prayers for some little boys this day that lost their mother.

For the rest of you I hope your Thanksgiving is one of shared traditions and perhaps new ones. Peace is found in what we have, not in what we want. Take time to decorate and stop to look at the lights. Don’t let the blackness blind you to smiles and laughter of good company.


It wasn’t a planned trip. Middle of the week close friends asked if we wanted their game day tickets and room since they couldn’t go. The boys were excited at the prospect since we had been gone to Hawaii and it was a chance for some quality family time. Confirming we could make all the logistics work we left early Friday for our football trip. Drove to SLC to catch our Southwest Airlines flight to St. Lous then Hartford, followed by an hour drive north to Amherst, Massachusetts.

In the heart of New England, where the lush, maple-lined lawn of Amherst Common meets the campus of Amherst College, the historic Inn on Boltwood, formerly The Lord Jeffery Inn, has been a treasured landmark hotel in Western Massachusetts since 1926.

Amherst is a beautiful community which has both UMASS and Amherst College. The Inn is within walking distance to both the campus and McGuirk Alumni Stadium where BYU played UMASS. The game was fun, the second quarter one of the best quarters of offense BYU has played in awhile with 42 points. The beat down was on. BYU school pride was loudly on display in color and noise. Chatted with a few UMASS fans that had attended a game in Provo. Sounded like they had a great experience for their away game as well. Most fans are pretty welcoming to visitors which is awesome. It was sunny and mid 40s for the game.

After the game we got to do a little sight seeing in town and over at Amherst College. Ate dinner at the Inn and by 1 am the snow started to fall, turned to sleet and by morning full on rain. Decided we better leave early so we were on the road at 6:30. Not the best weather conditions but we made it back to Hartford safely. Kids approved and gave us two thumbs up.

Next week is San Diego. The entire extended family will be attending the game. I am excited.

The Conclusion

Your still here? We made it home and a day later our luggage found us. End of story…

You want to hear about the sex? Okay maybe there is a little to share.

Monday night we were wiped. Our guests left about 9 pm and I was asleep within 20 minutes. The three hour time change worked in our favor Tuesday morning. Woke up early and fucked Keith before getting ready for the drive to the Temple. Still got there in time to see the sunrise.

Tuesday night after our guests left there was some naughty fun. Mandy and Brad, Sara and Todd, Keith and I. The rules of engagement for Tuesday included mixing up sleeping arrangements and no penetration allowed. You were encouraged to have as many orgasms as you could, but it was foreplay only. Not really easy when you are naked and have had sexual relations with your partner. I ended up with Todd for the night. Got close a few times but we were innocent of any wrongdoing. Even though I couldn’t suck his cock, technically that is penetration, he was not left wanting. I did get to give it lots of kisses and licks. Lollipop Games you might call it. Swirled my tongue around the head quite a bit. Yes he eventually came all over my face. He couldn’t finger me but he did a good job of giving my clit some pleasure. Like old times, grinding was wet and teasing. My pussy was soaked but he never went in. Lots of strokes across the hole. I may have threatened him. No dips for Todd 😂

If I hadn’t drained Todd of cum several times I might feel a little guilty about the teasing. He was a good sport. As part of the rules if anyone did penetrate, they did not have to fess up as to the what they did, only that something happened. This was done with $100 bills left on the kitchen counter. There were three of them. So I know it wasn’t Todd and I. Not sure who got penalized but the funds were donated to the Hana Branch in the category of “Other: Christmas for those in Need.” I am glad that indiscretions go for a good cause. Kind of hot knowing someone was naughtier than the others. Don’t ask, don’t tell.

Wednesday evening we had another night of naughty. Rules of engagement were simple. You only got to orgasm once with your partner. You could orgasm any time you wanted. Any way you wanted, but once you had your orgasm you were solo the rest of the night. Fouled out. You could watch the others and play with yourself but you had to sit quietly and be a voyeur. The partner that didn’t orgasm could join the others actively. This game was a little unfair if you fouled out early. Lack control it could be a long night for you. I started with Brad, ended up in a threesome with Todd and Mandy. Brad was fun, but he lost it after an hour. Mandy was ultimately the Orgasm Island Princess. She cheated but I am not a bitter person. Just saying she did. Definitely shouldn’t be allowed to continue to suck your clit when your begging her to stop. She claims there was no rule against bringing me off.

There wasn’t a chance again the rest of the trip with the others. Keith and I did get to have sex together several times. It was very nice especially listening to the ocean. Memories.

Hawaii Summit Part 2

The Resort was amazing. No Flat screens or clocks, although they did have great WiFi. Started the day with with an early breakfast then the Spa. I chose the Pohaku Wela Hot Stone Massage, 90 minute version. Heavenly. By the time we finished at the Spa our guests had started to arrive. They came by air, car and a chartered bus. After getting everyone checked in we had lunch followed by a meet & greet. I won’t bore you with details of the Summit but I believe peeps had a great time. After the welcome there was time for fun. Several activities to choose from including canoeing, relaxing on the beach, hiking, the pool, spa, and snorkeling. Dinner was served after sunset and we had gift bags, great food and Sara spoke to the group. Over a 100 in attendance. Most everyone attending was from one of the Islands, but only a few had been to Hana. It really was a sweet venue for the Summit.

If you are looking to experience Old Hawaii, not the commercialized Hawaii, come to Hana, Maui. Blew my mind. I have been to Kauai, Oahu, Maui and the Big Island. Seen beauty that will melt your brain in all of these places. But for a place to relax and getaway, Hana is your destination. Having the time to explore has been a gift. After the Summit we finished the night with a Luau. We had Hula dancers and lessons. That was priceless. Our team did a great job putting this Summit together.

Sunday enjoyed a buffet breakfast and said goodbyes to those leaving on the chartered bus. Always sad saying goodbye to friends. Church started at the Hana Branch. One of my favorite things traveling is attending Church. I love to meet new peeps and especially in these small branches they are so happy to have visitors.

After Church we began another afternoon exploring. A little concern on the weather as we had some light showers early but we caught a break. Our first stop was Wailua Falls. An 80 foot tall waterfall directly off the road. A short hike down to the pool for a swim. The earlier rain made the hike down a little slippery but no one got hurt.

Next stop was the Seven Sacred Pools. Breathtaking. The waterfalls and pools flow one to another, until it ends at the ocean. Did I mention breathtaking? This location is about 10 miles from Hana.

After a couple hours we headed back to spend our last few hours at Koki Beach and Hamoa Beach. Koki Beach is known as the Red Beach. Very popular place for surfing. Some extremely dangerous riptides for the less experienced. We didn’t swim here, just enjoyed the awesome beauty.

Our last stop and the remainder of our afternoon was at Hamoa Beach. This is where we came a Friday with our dōTERRA peeps. Not many people out, so it was mostly our beach. Our group ended up watching the sunset before heading back. Hamoa Beach is one of the best beaches we have been on. It is like a 1000 feet long and a 100 feet deep. Sunset was epic!

Monday started early, like up before sunrise and headed back to Kahulia to catch our flight to Honolulu. Shopping before lunch, then the afternoon at Sea Life Park. Swam with the dolphins and saw the other marine life. I love this place.

Monday evening caught the red eye flight out of Honolulu a 9:40 pm arriving in LAX at 5 am. One bit of advice, take a direct flight to SLC. It was brutal waking up at 5 am, really 3 am Hawaii time to catch a connecting flight. Not fun being dragged across the airport by your spouse. Made it, but no one was in a good mood. Arrived in SLC at 9 am and said our goodbyes to our friends. Keith and I arrived in Idaho Falls at 12:30, but the luggage didn’t make it. That was a first. Kids were a bit sad not to get the souvenirs, but the luggage did arrive on Wednesday morning. It was a great adventure there and back again. No matter how many times I visit Hawaii I am left in awe and discover something new. Grateful we have a good excuse to go and write offs to take. Most important is the relationships made. Here is a parting thought from the Summit.

To be continued in the Conclusion…

Hawaii Summit Part 1

This may be longer than usual. I hope you enjoy the pics and yes the sex.

Flight left early morning on the 11th out of Idaho Falls. Connected with our friends in SLC and had a direct flight to Honolulu. Flying out is always easier. It was nice to get there and have part of the day left to relax. Friends had already brought by some food for us and later that evening we had a small catered get together. By 9 pm we were all beat and to sleep early.

Tuesday morning we were up before sunrise. Off to a session at the Laie Temple at 7 am. Not that far of a drive. A great experience at the Temple.

After the Temple we grabbed some lunch and had a few hours on the beach. Nothing like doing business on the sand. It almost doesn’t feel like work. Kailua Bay is breathtaking. Over 40 guests came to our Intro to Essential Oils Event and 33 signed up that night with 10,000+ in new volume. Some very happy peeps.

Wednesday was a free day for us. This trip we brought along the spouses and promised them some fun. Read to the end for the naughty fun summary, if you are interested. The day activities included some beach time in the morning, then a trip to the Polynesian Cultural Center. We had been once before, but it was a few hours of looking around. This time we did it right. The Super Ambassador Luau Package. VIP all the way. It included a personal tour guide, a Kukui nut lei greeting, the canoe tour, Ali’i Luau dinner plus a flower lei greeting and to wrap up the evening, reserved seating at “Huki: A Canoes Celebration”. Super fun day. Take my advice, upgrade to one of the VIP experiences. My favorite was the Maori. I find New Zealand and the people awesome!

Thursday we caught an early flight to Maui on Hawaiian Airlines. Had some Jeeps rented and picked ours up at Haiku, then we were off on the “Road to Hana” and all day to get there. First stop Ho’okipa Beach and then lunch at Mama’s Fish House. I had the lobster tail. It was sooooo yummy. Pricey but a must experience.

Next stop Twin Falls. Beautiful scenery including some freshly squeezed sugar cane juice and coconut candy as a bonus. Was about a mile hike from the lower falls to the upper falls round trip. Even got to take a short swim.

Our third stop of the day was Huelo Lookout. Was easy to find with the fruit stand there. Enjoyed smoothies and a hike to the lookout. Had some fresh pineapple when we got back. YUMMY! Fun place for a break.

Fourth stop was The Garden of Eden. I promise the views here will melt your brain. This is where they filmed the helicopter scene in Jurassic Park. I also enjoyed the Art Gallery. You will want to spend time here so don’t be in a hurry.

Next stop Hanawi Falls. Hawaii is full of waterfalls but not many that drop 200 feet into a freshwater pool. We were able to enjoy some great views and explore here. Such a beautiful place, Old Hawaii.

Nahiku Marketplace gave us a chance to eat and grab some souvenirs. Fun little village and nice people. Tacos were delicious. I think we had something to eat wherever there was food.

Our final stop for the day was at Wai’anapanapa State Park. There is an incredible black beach here. You can explore caves, cliff jump, a blow hole and sea arches. A fun place to hang out for awhile. Next up was Hana and the Resort. Preparation for the Summit began Thursday after dinner.

Continued in part 2….