Hawaii Summit Part 2

The Resort was amazing. No Flat screens or clocks, although they did have great WiFi. Started the day with with an early breakfast then the Spa. I chose the Pohaku Wela Hot Stone Massage, 90 minute version. Heavenly. By the time we finished at the Spa our guests had started to arrive. They came by air, car and a chartered bus. After getting everyone checked in we had lunch followed by a meet & greet. I won’t bore you with details of the Summit but I believe peeps had a great time. After the welcome there was time for fun. Several activities to choose from including canoeing, relaxing on the beach, hiking, the pool, spa, and snorkeling. Dinner was served after sunset and we had gift bags, great food and Sara spoke to the group. Over a 100 in attendance. Most everyone attending was from one of the Islands, but only a few had been to Hana. It really was a sweet venue for the Summit.

If you are looking to experience Old Hawaii, not the commercialized Hawaii, come to Hana, Maui. Blew my mind. I have been to Kauai, Oahu, Maui and the Big Island. Seen beauty that will melt your brain in all of these places. But for a place to relax and getaway, Hana is your destination. Having the time to explore has been a gift. After the Summit we finished the night with a Luau. We had Hula dancers and lessons. That was priceless. Our team did a great job putting this Summit together.

Sunday enjoyed a buffet breakfast and said goodbyes to those leaving on the chartered bus. Always sad saying goodbye to friends. Church started at the Hana Branch. One of my favorite things traveling is attending Church. I love to meet new peeps and especially in these small branches they are so happy to have visitors.

After Church we began another afternoon exploring. A little concern on the weather as we had some light showers early but we caught a break. Our first stop was Wailua Falls. An 80 foot tall waterfall directly off the road. A short hike down to the pool for a swim. The earlier rain made the hike down a little slippery but no one got hurt.

Next stop was the Seven Sacred Pools. Breathtaking. The waterfalls and pools flow one to another, until it ends at the ocean. Did I mention breathtaking? This location is about 10 miles from Hana.

After a couple hours we headed back to spend our last few hours at Koki Beach and Hamoa Beach. Koki Beach is known as the Red Beach. Very popular place for surfing. Some extremely dangerous riptides for the less experienced. We didn’t swim here, just enjoyed the awesome beauty.

Our last stop and the remainder of our afternoon was at Hamoa Beach. This is where we came a Friday with our dōTERRA peeps. Not many people out, so it was mostly our beach. Our group ended up watching the sunset before heading back. Hamoa Beach is one of the best beaches we have been on. It is like a 1000 feet long and a 100 feet deep. Sunset was epic!

Monday started early, like up before sunrise and headed back to Kahulia to catch our flight to Honolulu. Shopping before lunch, then the afternoon at Sea Life Park. Swam with the dolphins and saw the other marine life. I love this place.

Monday evening caught the red eye flight out of Honolulu a 9:40 pm arriving in LAX at 5 am. One bit of advice, take a direct flight to SLC. It was brutal waking up at 5 am, really 3 am Hawaii time to catch a connecting flight. Not fun being dragged across the airport by your spouse. Made it, but no one was in a good mood. Arrived in SLC at 9 am and said our goodbyes to our friends. Keith and I arrived in Idaho Falls at 12:30, but the luggage didn’t make it. That was a first. Kids were a bit sad not to get the souvenirs, but the luggage did arrive on Wednesday morning. It was a great adventure there and back again. No matter how many times I visit Hawaii I am left in awe and discover something new. Grateful we have a good excuse to go and write offs to take. Most important is the relationships made. Here is a parting thought from the Summit.

To be continued in the Conclusion…

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