A December to Remember

Merry Christmas to everyone! A day late, but I hope it was one full of memories and lots of food. I have not been on social media much the past few weeks. So to catch you up a bit here goes. I caught that bad flu bug going around. It’s a respiratory flu so it morphed into Bronchitis. Not a good thing for me as far a things go. Tried to take care of myself with rest, determination, essential oils, Gatorade and other fluids but to no avail. Keith adds stubbornness. He is such the joker. Ended up in the ER and admitted. It was a fierce battle. I lost. Despite the threats.

I had a plan of escape. Sometimes you have to take a step back and allow the enemy a victory. So I endured the IV and followed their orders “if” they agreed to release me in 24 hours. There was a Christmas Event Sunday evening I was not going to miss. I did my part. I was the perfect patient. I think I was so good in fact the doctor was too scared to not let me leave. So at 24 hours we left without incident. He advised against it but there was an understanding.

The Christmas Event was fun. I wasn’t my normal social self running around, but friends were kind and understanding. Keith was the MC for the evening and he did great! Fortunately our assistant took care of everything else. A light dinner was catered and Christmas Karaoke was part of the fun. Not something we had ever done. I loved it. At the end of the night everyone sang Silent Night and left with our gift of Keith’s Homestead rootbeer. I sure am glad we didn’t have to deliver this year! The Barn was lit in blue and white. So very pretty.

I have done my best to keep my Spirit up despite the sickness. My parents decided to come and help. Keith unintentionally scared them pretty bad with the news of the hospital stay and me dropping 11 pounds. So my mother and daddy arrived as a total surprise to me. It was good to see them, but I was basically put to bed. So other than a couple of massages during the week, I rarely saw the light of day. Friday the 20th we left for Utah and the first Star Wars Premier. Since we were only going to be gone for a night my parents stayed to watch the dogs.

The premier in Utah was so fun. Friends, clients, sponsors and VIP guests. Two whole auditoriums this year at the Megaplex at Thanksgiving Point. I absolutely loved Star Wars Rise of Skywalker. Saturday morning we returned to Idaho for the second premier with friends, volunteers and sponsors at the Regal Edwards Grand Teton. Loved both premiers because of the relationships. As great and fun as the movies were the time spent with those we love is what is the most cherished.

Monday morning the 23rd we all left for Utah again. This time for Christmas. Keith’s parents were gracious in giving up their tickets to the Forgotten Carols. My parents have never been. It has become one of our traditions each year with our kids and we have found many ways to share the story with others.

Afterwards we stopped at The Chocolate for a treat. Hot chocolates for everyone! Great way to end the day. For Christmas this year we are staying at Sundance Ski Resort at a property there. Friends and family were in and out all of Christmas Eve Day skiing. The boys had to clear the deck of snow to even get to the hot tub. My parents kept me company and we fed everyone when they would come back for a break. Hoagies, chips and jello all afternoon. Good times. I really wanted to go out but decided to wait until Christmas Day.

Christmas Day for us starts at 7 am. Despite all the scurrying the kids have to wait. It’s torture I know, but it is what it is. After the presents we had some breakfast and by early afternoon hit the slopes again. Awesome day and fresh powder. So much fun, but I was pretty wore out.

Now it is Thursday. Keith took my parents to the airport. I haven’t enjoyed being sick but I really enjoyed having them for Christmas. Tonight we have tickets to the Jazz game but I think Keith is going to take the boys and our daughter and I are going to have a girls night. Maybe have dinner at the Resort then watch the game here. I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas Season. ♥️

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