Sundance Festivus

One of my favorite weeks of the year. I have been involved in the Sundance Film Festival for a number of years now. Early on it was hosting events for my clients. In the past several years it has evolved into hosting our own events. This is year three of us doing our own own events. Like all things we continue to learn and evolve. One thing for sure, 2020 has been EPIC so far.

Arrival Day Wednesday. Got to Park City by early afternoon. Grabbed some lunch then got busy. Prep day for Sundance 2020. Unpacked the trailer and fortunately with friends in Zion and our friends from Idaho we had it mostly done by dinner. Some of the set-up included the Interview Room, the Red Carpet and backdrop for the photographers, VIP Check-in, Signage, Smoothie Bar, Arcade Lounge, The Jar and Silent Auction. Fortunately we had nothing to set-up for the catering or the Underground Garage Concert Saturday evening. Finished up the day watching the Utah Jazz beatdown of the Golden State Warriors.

Day One Thursday. Got a day of skiing in at the Canyons. I love skiing when you have ski-in/ski-out access right out the door. Can come and go as you please. Some of our VIPs came up early to get skiing in before they went down to Main Street. Caterers arrived Thursday afternoon so we were well stocked and ready for the party. Each of the three event nights has a Focus. Any of our guests can join us any night as their schedules permit. The VIPs can even join us on multiple nights. It is important though to promote the business and sponsors for that nights party. I was very pleased how it turned out. Although we don’t publicize the parties, it’s fun meeting new peeps at Sundance. Most peeps that come make a donation and love what we are doing. BYU 🏀 beat Pacific Thursday evening. The guys watched the game then did their best to entertain.

It was after 2 am by the time everyone was gone and we crashed. One of the things that make this all work is the use of shuttles. Three of them run so guests get picked up and dropped off every 20 minutes. Just no way you can have that many vehicles parked on the roads up the mountain. Fortunately a lot of those that drank were using Uber.

Day Two Friday. Had to sleep in for awhile. Got up around 9 am. Spent a little time skiing and went down to Main Street to see what was going on and had fun chatting with friends most of the day. Actually got some sunshine and blue skies it was awesome! Friday was a little different than Thursday in that many of the guests were invited by others. So I met quite a few people, but didn’t have to be front and center. The kids brought some friends up from BYU so was able to spend some time with them. Party started at 8 again and wrapped up late. I was able to get to bed a little earlier which was nice. Others took care of the guests. Donations through the first two nights exceeded all of 2019 so everyone was very excited.

Day Three Saturday. Friday was a bit lighter for me, but Saturday. Holy WOW! Our daughter left early as they had a full day of practice back in Provo. There were a number of things happening yesterday. Months ago upgraded to a corner suite at the Vivint Arena for the Utah Jazz game against the Dallas Mavericks. With VIPs and some surprise guests from out of town the suite that seats 34 was needed. Game time was 3 pm and we were prepped about an hour early. Had some fun giveaways and trivia at half time. BYU dropped their game against Pacific. Had that game on the big screen and totally a bummer they gave it away. Our special guests are from Dallas so they were feeling pretty good about the game. I told them the Jazz would win. They were like not today. I think they were shocked. Jazz has that final push in the last couple minutes and that block by Gobert. The place was loud and then went crazy! I was all smiles. Vindicated.

Headed back after the Jazz game. The Concert was planned for 10 pm in the Underground Parking of the Lodge. An incredible venue for an event like this. The party was fun but the concert was insane. Somehow we got over a thousand people down there. The first 20 feet from the stage was a Girls Only Zone. It was fun to introduce them and at the end of the night they had me get on the stage and gave me a gift and said I was their number one fan and stalker. Kind of funny but for 4 years I have been trying to get them to Utah. I never gave up lol. I don’t even know what time things wrapped up after the concert. It ended around 1 am but I was walking on air. Best. Party. Ever!

The Day After Sunday. After a couple hours of sleep I woke up. Got something to eat. Crashed again. Fortunately Church isn’t until noon. Made it and was fun to see Church peeps. Caught another nap after Church and just wrapped up a Fireside tonight with family and close friends. Tomorrow’s plans are a free day for us to ski. Utah Jazz game against the Houston Rockets tomorrow evening at Vivint Arena then back here for our final night. Adults only party and there will be some naughty fun.

Jazz Surprise

Yesterday afternoon we were offered six Utah Jazz tickets for the Indiana Pacers game. Completely unexpected. Since our kids were headed back to BYU we figured it would be a fun FHE. So we arranged for a dog sitter and headed to Vivint Arena. Three hours down, dinner and game, three hours back. In the suite they had chicken wings and plenty of treats. Always makes the return trip home better when you win and have chicken wings! A brutal beat down by the Jazz, 118-80 final score.

So we made a few memories last night. I think Spontaneity is one of the greatest things ever. It is the space between whenever and whatever. No rules, just choice. A good night. Keith and I were at BYU when they had their championship runs against the Bulls. Loved watching them then, but lost track of them for awhile. The past few years they have really gotten fun again. Got home a little after midnight. After getting the kids off to school I went back to bed with Keith for a few more hours. Sleep, not sex. 😇

Sundance Film Festival 2020

Friday spent time getting errands ran. Signage, giveaways, snacks, etc. Hard to believe it’s almost that time of year again. The Sundance Film Festival for us is one of the biggest events of the year. A giveback to our clients, team and friends plus it is a HUGE month for our Park City properties. I wish we could have a Sundance everywhere! Closest thing to it for us is the surf competitions in Hawaii on the North Shore of Oahu. That is pretty intense. Anyway…

The kids are home from BYU this weekend. They got here late afternoon Friday. Saturday was the basketball 🏀 game for our youngest. Keith is the coach again this year and they are now 3-0. This was a huge win against the only team to beat them last year. Celebrated at Chuck-A-Rama with the team and parents after. Soooooo much awesomeness! Sunday our 15 year old was ordained by his Father to be a Priest in the Aaronic Priesthood. I made his favorite dinner of chicken enchiladas and we had a game night of cards, Settler’s of Catan, and PlayStation. This morning I had to beg and threaten to get everyone up for racquetball. I was up and ready to play. Promises were made but I guess 8 am on a holiday is a lofty expectation. So racquetball commenced at 8:19 am.

Plans for the week are to leave Wednesday for Park City. Sundance kicks off Thursday so we will have some time to get things set up and maybe some skiing in. Jazz game Wednesday night in the theater at the venue. This year’s property is new. A 33,000 square foot lodge with 14 bedrooms and 22 bathrooms and a huge indoor hot tub. It is going to be epic. We have had some great venues for the Sundance Film Festival and dōTERRA Convention over the past few years, but this place is massive. Here is a sneak peak.

Plans for the Festival this year include 3 Event Nights, Skiing, Shopping, Snowboarding, Food…lots and lots of food, Saturday afternoon Jazz game against Dallas and Monday evening against Houston in the suite at the Vivint Arena. Wish us luck!

Mice and Cookies

I love the sweet pork. Tacos, Burritos, Salad. Does not matter I just have a Costa Vida addiction. It has become the place to meet a friend for lunch. I have a very close friend that I enjoy meeting for lunch anyway.

So today I had the tacos. After was kind of like a naughty version of “If You Give A Mouse A Cookie.” Seriously. It was like being given a cookie, then I wanted a glass of milk, then a straw, then a mirror, then scissors. Then needed a nap to rest, then I was thirsty, then let’s have another cookie. It was insane!

So I wanted to kiss, then it was let’s get naked, seeing her naked I wanted a taste, oral made me thirsty so we had a drink, then she saw my double ended dildo and wanted to try that, after a huge orgasm she wanted to finger me, fingering makes your fingers sore so she wanted a massage, a hand massage led to me sucking fingers her fingers, which led to kissing which she then wanted a drink.

Oh yes, I just lived one of the greatest children’s stories ever told. It was an orgasmic time and yes. Definitely need to do lunch again soon.

2020 Kicked Off

Ready or not this week marked the first full week of 2020. The year of perfect vision they say. Roaring 20’s revisited. I for one am very excited. Spent most of the week getting stronger. Was able to run a couple miles every day. One day pushed a bit too much and I thought I was going to die. Ever finished a run and had your lungs seize up? Pretty scary when you can’t breath. Did some of my favorite things this week like indoor rock climbing, massage, running on the elliptical & track plus racquetball.

Monday some friends invited me to lunch. Ordered and visited while we ate then went to get smoothies and visited some more. Had to catch a nap after from 3 hours of catching up. Wednesday had an event and was asked to share a few thoughts at the conclusion. Felt very inadequate as I missed most of the Holiday season with bronchitis. I found the others stories, video and sharing so powerful. I don’t think there was a dry eye in the room. Despite the news and crazy world we live in there is so much goodness happening. Look for it, it is there. Yesterday the Bishopric + Spouses had a Retreat. A little tradition for them to enjoy a bit of fun away. They do this with us and one during the Summer just them. Departed yesterday around lunch for Island Park again for snowmobiling. Only rule of their retreat is no one talks about Church or the members. Very much enjoyed them sharing with us their personal goals and hopes for 2020. Went out on the sleds in the afternoon, the guys prepared a delicious dinner of ribs after, then watched the Utah Jazz game and played some cards until the night ride. It had snowed and was so nice out there on the trails. Slept in this morning and us girls made a big breakfast.

Heading back as Keith is coaching a basketball 🏀 game at 1. So far on the season the boys are 1-0, so looking for 2-0. The kids practice 3 times a week and hoping for another great season. BYU plays Portland tonight so friends will be coming over watch the game. Love Game Day!