New Decade

New Year’s Eve arrived and with that a small event planned with friends. Sara arrived with her family for lunch and Mandy and her family just after 4 pm. Normally around family there is no naughty fun. Sara took advantage of me when we found ourselves alone. She is very talented with her fingers and I had a massive orgasm in less than 10 minutes. It was very warm and I may have been flushed. She can kiss! Anyway…

This year the party started off right.

Need I say more?!

I came to the party in Texas Orange and I definitely enjoyed the beat down of the Utes. Absolutely the best way to end the year! After the game we had some tournaments and prizes. There was Bowling, Asteroids Deluxe, Dance Revolution, Chess, and Pool. Even got in a few rounds of Spaz! At midnight I got a great kiss from Keith and we lit the Barn…Texas Orange of course! I really enjoyed New Year’s Eve. After 1 am sex I slept great until 7 am sex. Still sleepy but it’s New Year’s Day.

Found my way out of bed at 8 am and started a big breakfast. Tradition requires it. The hungry party goers were fed and then many of them slipped away back to bed. Eventually everyone was up as we had arranged for horseback riding in the snow. Yes it was snowing early on and it was so pretty.

Often I talk about food. It is like a really big deal to me. I love food! One of my favorite things to make is chicken enchiladas. The reason is my family loves my chicken enchiladas! On New Year’s Day this is what we had for dinner. They were hot and after being out in the cold they were so good.

Thursday morning after getting loaded up we were off to Island Park. The Lake House there is great for snowmobiling adventures. Got unpacked and the first group went out early afternoon. Unfortunately I had a little mishap and damaged one of the sleds. I wasn’t hurt, but ended up in the snow, shaken but not stirred. I felt bad because we were one sled down. The group left around 10:30 for the night ride. Had 9 sleds left, so still had a enough riders for the younger kids to go. I thought having already been out, getting over being sick and wrecking it might be best to stay back. Night rides are so fun though. I’ll definitely go next time.

Friday everyone sleep in. Made some breakfast around 10 and then packed up and headed back to Idaho Falls. The older kids needed to head back to BYU. Not easy saying goodbye. Dogs were not happy.

Friday evening Sara, Mandy and I took the girls to Costa Vida for dinner and then to see Little Women. It is one of my all time favorite books. The movie adaption was brilliant. Absolutely loved it! Even if you have never heard about it go see it. Beautiful story.

Ended up talking late into the night. As the holidays are wrapping up you try and hang on to the magic as long as you can. Friends left this morning around 10 for home. It is very quite with just Keith and I, two boys, two dogs and a one cat to rule us all. 😂. Will end this day watching the Jazz and Cougars play tonight.

As I reflect a bit over 2019 the idea of a new decade and what that means really hit me. Significant changes ahead, ready or not. Last year I set goals and other than not getting a pilot’s license, which was a pretty lofty goal I didn’t even pursue, I feel most of what I wanted to accomplish I did.

In some ways it came at a cost. I felt great anxiety last year. I want this new decade to be something different. What I want is time. Time is often a luxury best spent with loved ones and in service. So I will trust that the things that need taken care of will be. As for us we will spend time on these three things.

Family, Friends, Foundation.

I saw these pics and I have shared them with many friends this past week. Sums up what my Hope is.

To all of you. Welcome to the 20’s. Eat, Smile, Laugh and have a lot of Sex! ♥️

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