2020 Kicked Off

Ready or not this week marked the first full week of 2020. The year of perfect vision they say. Roaring 20’s revisited. I for one am very excited. Spent most of the week getting stronger. Was able to run a couple miles every day. One day pushed a bit too much and I thought I was going to die. Ever finished a run and had your lungs seize up? Pretty scary when you can’t breath. Did some of my favorite things this week like indoor rock climbing, massage, running on the elliptical & track plus racquetball.

Monday some friends invited me to lunch. Ordered and visited while we ate then went to get smoothies and visited some more. Had to catch a nap after from 3 hours of catching up. Wednesday had an event and was asked to share a few thoughts at the conclusion. Felt very inadequate as I missed most of the Holiday season with bronchitis. I found the others stories, video and sharing so powerful. I don’t think there was a dry eye in the room. Despite the news and crazy world we live in there is so much goodness happening. Look for it, it is there. Yesterday the Bishopric + Spouses had a Retreat. A little tradition for them to enjoy a bit of fun away. They do this with us and one during the Summer just them. Departed yesterday around lunch for Island Park again for snowmobiling. Only rule of their retreat is no one talks about Church or the members. Very much enjoyed them sharing with us their personal goals and hopes for 2020. Went out on the sleds in the afternoon, the guys prepared a delicious dinner of ribs after, then watched the Utah Jazz game and played some cards until the night ride. It had snowed and was so nice out there on the trails. Slept in this morning and us girls made a big breakfast.

Heading back as Keith is coaching a basketball 🏀 game at 1. So far on the season the boys are 1-0, so looking for 2-0. The kids practice 3 times a week and hoping for another great season. BYU plays Portland tonight so friends will be coming over watch the game. Love Game Day!

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