Mice and Cookies

I love the sweet pork. Tacos, Burritos, Salad. Does not matter I just have a Costa Vida addiction. It has become the place to meet a friend for lunch. I have a very close friend that I enjoy meeting for lunch anyway.

So today I had the tacos. After was kind of like a naughty version of “If You Give A Mouse A Cookie.” Seriously. It was like being given a cookie, then I wanted a glass of milk, then a straw, then a mirror, then scissors. Then needed a nap to rest, then I was thirsty, then let’s have another cookie. It was insane!

So I wanted to kiss, then it was let’s get naked, seeing her naked I wanted a taste, oral made me thirsty so we had a drink, then she saw my double ended dildo and wanted to try that, after a huge orgasm she wanted to finger me, fingering makes your fingers sore so she wanted a massage, a hand massage led to me sucking fingers her fingers, which led to kissing which she then wanted a drink.

Oh yes, I just lived one of the greatest children’s stories ever told. It was an orgasmic time and yes. Definitely need to do lunch again soon.

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