Sundance Festivus

One of my favorite weeks of the year. I have been involved in the Sundance Film Festival for a number of years now. Early on it was hosting events for my clients. In the past several years it has evolved into hosting our own events. This is year three of us doing our own own events. Like all things we continue to learn and evolve. One thing for sure, 2020 has been EPIC so far.

Arrival Day Wednesday. Got to Park City by early afternoon. Grabbed some lunch then got busy. Prep day for Sundance 2020. Unpacked the trailer and fortunately with friends in Zion and our friends from Idaho we had it mostly done by dinner. Some of the set-up included the Interview Room, the Red Carpet and backdrop for the photographers, VIP Check-in, Signage, Smoothie Bar, Arcade Lounge, The Jar and Silent Auction. Fortunately we had nothing to set-up for the catering or the Underground Garage Concert Saturday evening. Finished up the day watching the Utah Jazz beatdown of the Golden State Warriors.

Day One Thursday. Got a day of skiing in at the Canyons. I love skiing when you have ski-in/ski-out access right out the door. Can come and go as you please. Some of our VIPs came up early to get skiing in before they went down to Main Street. Caterers arrived Thursday afternoon so we were well stocked and ready for the party. Each of the three event nights has a Focus. Any of our guests can join us any night as their schedules permit. The VIPs can even join us on multiple nights. It is important though to promote the business and sponsors for that nights party. I was very pleased how it turned out. Although we don’t publicize the parties, it’s fun meeting new peeps at Sundance. Most peeps that come make a donation and love what we are doing. BYU 🏀 beat Pacific Thursday evening. The guys watched the game then did their best to entertain.

It was after 2 am by the time everyone was gone and we crashed. One of the things that make this all work is the use of shuttles. Three of them run so guests get picked up and dropped off every 20 minutes. Just no way you can have that many vehicles parked on the roads up the mountain. Fortunately a lot of those that drank were using Uber.

Day Two Friday. Had to sleep in for awhile. Got up around 9 am. Spent a little time skiing and went down to Main Street to see what was going on and had fun chatting with friends most of the day. Actually got some sunshine and blue skies it was awesome! Friday was a little different than Thursday in that many of the guests were invited by others. So I met quite a few people, but didn’t have to be front and center. The kids brought some friends up from BYU so was able to spend some time with them. Party started at 8 again and wrapped up late. I was able to get to bed a little earlier which was nice. Others took care of the guests. Donations through the first two nights exceeded all of 2019 so everyone was very excited.

Day Three Saturday. Friday was a bit lighter for me, but Saturday. Holy WOW! Our daughter left early as they had a full day of practice back in Provo. There were a number of things happening yesterday. Months ago upgraded to a corner suite at the Vivint Arena for the Utah Jazz game against the Dallas Mavericks. With VIPs and some surprise guests from out of town the suite that seats 34 was needed. Game time was 3 pm and we were prepped about an hour early. Had some fun giveaways and trivia at half time. BYU dropped their game against Pacific. Had that game on the big screen and totally a bummer they gave it away. Our special guests are from Dallas so they were feeling pretty good about the game. I told them the Jazz would win. They were like not today. I think they were shocked. Jazz has that final push in the last couple minutes and that block by Gobert. The place was loud and then went crazy! I was all smiles. Vindicated.

Headed back after the Jazz game. The Concert was planned for 10 pm in the Underground Parking of the Lodge. An incredible venue for an event like this. The party was fun but the concert was insane. Somehow we got over a thousand people down there. The first 20 feet from the stage was a Girls Only Zone. It was fun to introduce them and at the end of the night they had me get on the stage and gave me a gift and said I was their number one fan and stalker. Kind of funny but for 4 years I have been trying to get them to Utah. I never gave up lol. I don’t even know what time things wrapped up after the concert. It ended around 1 am but I was walking on air. Best. Party. Ever!

The Day After Sunday. After a couple hours of sleep I woke up. Got something to eat. Crashed again. Fortunately Church isn’t until noon. Made it and was fun to see Church peeps. Caught another nap after Church and just wrapped up a Fireside tonight with family and close friends. Tomorrow’s plans are a free day for us to ski. Utah Jazz game against the Houston Rockets tomorrow evening at Vivint Arena then back here for our final night. Adults only party and there will be some naughty fun.

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