Keith’s Week

Sent Keith and David away this week in an effort to bend their will. An important business decision they were going to pass on required my intervention.

Keith was up early Monday. I sort of remember him leaving but things are a little fuzzy at 5 am. Flight was at 6:30 am so he took an Uber to the airport. So began a Grand Adventure to Oahu, Hawaii and the North Shore. His itinerary took him from IDA to SLC to LAX to HNL. David and Keith met up at LAX for the last leg of the flight. Since I choose not to play fair, First Class on Delta to weaken their resolve. Arrived in Honolulu mid-afternoon. Met by a friend and her husband who took them for an early dinner at Restaurant 604. Guess it’s right there at Pearl Harbor. Ate right there by the waters edge with a great view of docks and boats.

Restaurant 604 at Pearl Harbor

Arrived on the North Shore to get settled and to do a little exploring before sunset. Despite being tired they went to Sunset Beach. Looks like a beautiful place. This part of the North Shore is known as the Seven Mile Miracle. Some of the beat surfing in the world. Waves can get as high as 30 feet in the Winter Months. After they got back Keith said he feel asleep the minute he laid down. Check out the sunset pics he took for me!

Sunset Beach in the late afternoon
Sunset Beach First Night

Started Tuesday early with a tour of the Dole Pineapple Plantation. Since he likes pineapple so much I guess it makes sense. Apparently they have a maze there that is pretty cool plus a train ride tour. Keith said he loved that maze! Sometimes he can be like a little kid. Got the tee as well.

Dole Pineapple Plantation, Oahu
The Pineapple Maze

After lunch and a tour of the property they went to buy surf boards. Yes I know. Why? I asked that myself. Scheduled their lessons with the North Shore Surf Girls and thanks to their care neither died. Highlight of a day surfing was the beach BBQ at sunset. I am glad they ate well, enjoyed the eye candy and didn’t die!.

Surf N Sea Surf Shop, Haleiwa
Highly Recommended by Keith & David
I want to meet her!
Haleiwa Second Night

Wednesday was the deep sea fishing trip. Didn’t hear from them until late. Nine hours out on the boat. Keith isn’t much into fishing but David is a die hard. Captain Ryan and his guys knew their stuff. Came back with plenty of fish and shipping some home. The crew took care of filleting it all and packaging it up. Keith was so impressed. At the end of the day he just doesn’t like the clean-up. Pretty sure this was the highlight of Davids trip.

Captain Ryan’s 47 footer

Thursday morning business got done as time was set aside negotiating a deal. Grateful the these two troublemakers listened to us. They are fortunate because it could have gotten ugly. The rest of their day was spent at Turtle Bay snorkeling. One huge bonus from their business trip is all great advice from Greg on what to do on the North Shore. This Summer our vacation is going to be fantastic! It is crazy to me that there is so much to do in Hawaii. Seems like each time we visit you think you have seen it all. Not so!

Turtle Bay, North Shore Oahu

I asked Keith to go check out Shark’s Cove as it is close to where they were staying. This time of year is not the best for snorkeling with the bigger waves but we are planning to go there in June. The place looks amazing. So much beauty but can be a hazard to your health.

Shark’s Cove, North Shore Oahu
Shark’s Cove Final Night

A deal got done and a Grand Adventure was had. Friday morning came early. Flight at 8 am out of HNL to LAX where David said goodbye for PHX and Keith to SLC then IDA. The boys and I picked him up at the airport at 9:45 pm. Our friends were great hosts and were instrumental to my plans. Plus not sure Christie bargained to store the surf boards and other gear those two bought but age is a good sport. Who wants to hear what I did this week? 😂

Bee. You. Tee. Full!

The Beautiful Mount Timpanogos & Sundance Mountain Resort

Keith and I finally saw the Harley Quinn Birds of Prey movie this week. I really liked it. The studio made a mistake leaving her name out, people were confused about the title at first and didn’t go see it. Word of mouth seems to have saved it though. I shared two posters. I couldn’t decide which one I liked better! ♥️ Harley!

The Beautiful Margot Robbie
In Harley Quinn Birds of Prey

This week is our last week to Utah for awhile. Stopped in Centerville for lunch at Wendys, then to Land Rover. An hour later we are headed to the Land of Provo. Got very lucky on our timing and avoided most of rush hour. Passed Sandy a little after 4:30 and by that point was in the clear. I-15 can be hazardous to your time.

Stopped at Harmons on 800 N in Orem to grab some groceries. Dropped them off at the Condo before heading over to the BYU vs Santa Clara 🏀 game. Three big games this week and the final two home games for the Cougars! BYU for the win but it was pretty close until the end. First half up by 10 then BYU let them back in it. Fortunately a rally in the final minutes to win 85-75. Fun game heading into Saturday against Gonzaga. Enjoyed some fun post game sex until we all finally crashed around 1 am.

Santa Clara Broncos vs BYU 2-20-2020
The Beautiful Cougarettes
Marriott Center and the Sixth Man

Friday got to sleep in a little. Keith made some breakfast. Eggs, bacon, ham, English muffins and OJ. I had a meeting at dōTERRA for a couple of hours over lunch. Got a nap in the afternoon then headed up to Salt Lake City for the Utah Jazz vs San Antonio Spurs game. This was a big one. Jazz on a four game win streak and control of their own destiny. Unfortunately they came out flat and were never really in the game. Made a push in the fourth quarter but too little, too late. Disappointing to see them play so poorly. I get you can’t win them all. I can handle a loss. Okay honestly I hate to lose, but I really hate to lose when your team just sucks. Jazz should be embarrassed. Hopefully they redeem themselves with a win against the Rockets tomorrow. Won’t see that game but that is a win they desperately need. At halftime one of our guests won a $100 gift card to The Melting Pot. A great win for our winner despite the Jazz losing. LOL I really don’t like to lose 😂

Jazz sucked Friday night against San Antonio

Friday crashed pretty early. Skiing and snowboarding at Sundance Saturday morning. Left at 8 am and on the slopes within an hour. The forecast said the weather would be Beautiful. WOW was it ever. Blue skies, mid 40s by lunch. Was such a fun day up there. Our son and daughter brought several of their BYU friends. Made sure they all were well fed and had a good time. I have been working on my snowboarding skillz. Since everyone brought snowboards that is how we spent our time. The kids all said I could Shred! Pretty awesome when college kids think your cool 😎.

After Sundance, had a double header at BYU. First Men’s Volleyball 🏐 at the Smith Fieldhouse. First game we have been to in years. Ranked 2nd in the Nation and they swept USC. Crowd was in it! Game finished at 7:30 and we walked over to the Marriott Center for the Basketball 🏀 game.

BYU 14-0 Ranked 2nd in the Nation

The Cougars showed up tonight to play. The energy in the Marriott Center was like electricity. The team played their hearts out. I wasn’t sure BYU would hold onto the lead long in the second half. Gonzaga would make adjustments and they would pull away. They got close but BYU came out of the timeout after the rally and just took over the game. Cougars wouldn’t be denied. As the final seconds ticked off the fans just poured on the floor. Our seats were on the second row and I thought we were going to get swept away! Just pure insanity. I will never forget this night. It was a BEAUTIFUL win! #WeAreBYU!

Gonzaga Bulldogs vs. BYU 2-22-2020
So Happy for these Cougars!
Do you see us down there?
Rise and Shout!
Fitting End to a Herculean Performance

Double Feature

Edwards Regal Grand Teton

President’s Day. Asked the boys what they wanted to do with their day out of school. Movies at the Edwards Grand Teton! Not a lot of movies for us lately so I was like cool. Didn’t take much to convince Keith.

First half of the Double Feature was Jumanji. Started with snacks and sodas going in. Refilled with snacks and pizza at the “Intermission”. Second feature was Knives Out. Laughed ourselves silly! I kid you not, that was the best movie I have seen in a long time. After the soda, popcorn, nachos, Hot Tamales, Reese’s Pieces and Junior Mints I didn’t think I could eat anymore, but Costa Vida took the sugar edge off.

If you are looking for some good laughs both movies were great. Knives Out was just unexpected. I had heard good things but yeah it was brilliant! It is nice to be so surprised.

Where to Start?

The End. Headed home. Tired. Excited to see the boys. Hoping to beat the storm rolling in. Great week.

The Beginning. So excited for the week ahead. I have been promised a special Valentine’s Day and this week is the Cougarettes in Concert.

Monday Keith and I had a day together planned at Grand Targhee. Got the kids off to school and with skis and snowboards headed for Wyoming. This was our first time skiing at Grand Targhee. Excited to try it for months since our scouting trip to check the place out. Enjoyed lunch at the Branding Iron. I had the yummy Baby Back Ribs! Keith had the Fish & Chips. Grand Targhee is a great place to ski. If it was more accessible it would be a World Class Resort. I guess in some ways that is probably a blessing to the locals. Definitely coming back.

Tuesday was a light day. Worked out on the elliptical and enjoyed a steam shower and massage. Spent a little time catching up on some emails and calls after lunch. Had some planning to get done before we left for the Land of Utah.

Wednesday back to Zion! Left around 2 pm for Salt Lake City to host guests for the Utah Jazz vs. Miami Heat game. What made this game interesting was the Jazz came out and had a monstrous second half. Very exciting to see them just take the game over. At halftime we had a drawing for dinner at Log Haven for Valentines. Such a cool restaurant and our winners were so excited.

Thursday started the day off at Sundance. Spent most of my day snowboarding. Kids would be proud of me, I am getting mad skills! Had lunch at the Owl Bar. One of my favorite places to eat is back by the fireplace. It was such an insanely beautiful day. Spring skiing came early. Wrapped a little after 4 pm so we could head back and get ready for the Cougarettes in Concert.

The Concert was amazing. I. Loved. It. All! I enjoyed seeing the variety of dance styles. If you haven’t been to one of their performances GO!

Friday Valentine’s Day. Keith and the guys have been promising a surprise. I like surprises, but I also like to unravel a mystery. I have offered food, sex and attention but he hasn’t cracked. I even tried to confuse him with psychological warfare. So Valentine’s Day us girls were all in the dark. Day started at Kneaders for breakfast. Plans were revealed. Us girls paired off for a day of fun with one of the guys. Loose plans were meeting in Deer Valley to check in at the Montage Resort and dinner at 7 pm. For 24 hours Todd and I were a couple. Loose plans mind you.

Since Todd was my Valentine this year we went back to his place and fucked. Had to get that out of the way. He has a nice, thick, hard cock. I greatly enjoyed myself, I hope he enjoyed me too. Fun afternoon on the slopes as well. Another insanely beautiful day. Had burgers, fresh cut fries and a s’mores shake at Burgers and Bourbon for lunch. Got a few hours of skiing in before checking in. Kind of crazy to be sharing Valentine’s Day with someone besides your spouse. Had our own room and was like…a bed. Had Before Dinner Sex and then got ready. Met up with everyone at the Apex Restaurant for dinner. Had the steak and WOW it was good. Skipped dessert in favor of After Dinner Sex. Finally ordered dessert at 10 pm. Devil’s Chocolate Cake and milk. Fitting dessert don’t you think?

Saturday thought about ordering room service but decided we better meet the group for breakfast. I was a bit envious as Mandy, Sara and Jordyn were going to the spa for a few hours while the guys went skiing again. Keith and I headed back to Provo for the Cougarette Brunch at the Hinkley Alumni Center. It was fun catching up with the girls. There was a private concert in the afternoon for Alumni and family. Definitely was worth seeing their performance twice. I would have gone to all 5 had time permitted. ♥️. Lots of hugs and back to the Land of Idaho and the City of Idaho Falls. We stopped at Arby’s for a quick dinner on the way. Fortunately we beat the storm home.

Jazz, Cougars & Hale

When we are home we rarely leave the Homestead. Even with trips to Utah for games we probably drive less miles than others who commute to work. This past couple of week have be an exception. Today we hit the road again. Arrived in SLC around 5 and took the boys to Johnny Rockets for burgers at City Creek. Game time wasn’t until 8:30 so had some time to kill. I love the whole live, work and play concept. City Creek is a really cool place.

Last night we had fun with the kids and the guests at the game. Insane finish. Pretty controversial with the no call on goal tending. Lillard should have gotten those points. Jazz may have still won the game even with it tied up. Sometimes just take the W and smile. Nice to have the 5 game losing streak over.

Got to Provo pretty late, we were all exhausted with another full day ahead. Saturday morning met up with family at the Provo Temple for baptisms with the all the kids. They stayed with Keith’s parents while his brother and wife went to the Hale Centre in Sandy with us to see the play Bright Star. I hadn’t heard of it before, but it was really good.

Wrapped up the afternoon with family at Los Hermanos at University Place before the BYU game. Love the new location. Had the steak and enchiladas plus a smoothie!

Game Time. A couple of weeks ago BYU lost to San Francisco by one point. Heartbreaker and a game they should never have lost. The Cougars have been playing very well since. At one point, up by 25. BYU was cruising to a win. San Francisco fought back in the second half. BYU finished strong for the win in the closing minutes. I love the fourth quarter time out rally. The place was rocking! Mandy and I were dancing. Good times! Cougarettes had another awesome performance. Don’t forget the Cougarettes in Concert March 12 – 15. Here is the link for tickets Cougarette Concert Tickets. Still a few available.

Headed home early tomorrow. Again. Church at noon, then probably a Sunday afternoon nap. The next couple of weeks include the Miami Heat game, Cougarettes in Concert, Valentine’s Day, skiing at Sundance. The following week skiing at Grand Targhee, Santa Clara game, San Antonio game and Gonzaga game. Then early March dōTERRA Leadership in Phoenix. Desperately need to find time to ski Big Sky. Sun Valley, Deer Valley and Jackson Hole before Spring arrives. Feeling like Winter is going way too fast. Hang on for the ride I think.