Road Trip

Saturday afternoon road trip to Provo for the BYU vs Saint Mary’s basketball game. The boys each brought a friend and we were off to Zion. Arrived and grabbed some hamburgers at Five Guys over by University Place. Neither of their friends had ever been to a BYU game so we had to grab tees, hats, cougar tails, sovereign cups. The works! They got pics with the Cougarettes and we cheered loud. The Marriott Center was rocking. If you missed the game BYU had a late second half rally and hit an insane 3 pointer with only seconds left in the game. Then blocked a shot for the win. Pretty sure that was the biggest crowd of the season. Place erupted as this was a HUGE win for the Cougars. Had to be back early for church so headed back to Idaho Falls at 7 am. The boys were not excited about that. 😂

A couple of things. Super impressed by Coach Rose being at the game and he and Coach Pope taking a moment together. Coach Pope is doing great things with BYU Basketball. Also loved the recognition they gave Coach Maxfield of the Cougarettes. Thirty years of awesomeness. She is going to be missed.

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