Snowshoeing and the Jazz

Yesterday was a pretty nice day despite the cold. Keith and I went out snowshoeing for awhile. Pretty good workout and there is so much snow to see! Miles and miles of snow 😂

Wednesday morning got up a bit sore. Got a run in, then spent some time recovering in the Sauna. This girl is going to get a massage sometime this week. Unfortunately not yesterday. Got a call and was asked to entertain guests at the Jazz game. Since we were free it was just the decision on the weather. Big game against the Nuggets so after last week’s four losses you would think the Jazz would use this as an opportunity to get back on track. No. Still had fun though.

It was pretty obvious driving home after the game wasn’t going to happen. Ended up getting a room at Hyatt House across the street from the Vivint Center. Honestly there or the Courtyard by Marriott are awesome for a game night or concert. Got up this morning and ran on the treadmill in their fitness center and ate breakfast. Headed out a little while ago for home. As long as Malad Pass isn’t bad we should be fine. Wish us luck!

One thing I really enjoy about nights away is sex! Last night with the curtains open watching the show fall and again in the early hours of the morning. Sleeping naked just makes it easy.

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