Hosting an Event…

Here are a few things I have learned over the years. Having hosted Corporate Events, Retreats, Private Events and my very own.

1. An event is more than just a party.

2. Fundraise. Guests give generously if they have an experience.

3. Food, Food, Food. Caterers make everyone happy.

4. When appropriate alcohol. Did I mention fundraising?

5. Sponsors. Their money elevates it to event level.

6. Connect. Build the relationship post event.

7. Photographers. Plural. Who doesn’t like to strike a pose?

8. Guests should have no doubt they are a VIP.

9. An Event like the Sundance Film Festival, let your guests invite others by sharing their name to get access. Nothing strokes the ego like name dropping. Sponsors love peeps.

10. When possible live music.

If you feel you need a celebrity invite local. A coach like Kalani , Pope or Whittingham, Jazz players, a dōTERRA Founder, Cosmo, former college players. Attorney General or many others.

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