Where to Start?

The End. Headed home. Tired. Excited to see the boys. Hoping to beat the storm rolling in. Great week.

The Beginning. So excited for the week ahead. I have been promised a special Valentine’s Day and this week is the Cougarettes in Concert.

Monday Keith and I had a day together planned at Grand Targhee. Got the kids off to school and with skis and snowboards headed for Wyoming. This was our first time skiing at Grand Targhee. Excited to try it for months since our scouting trip to check the place out. Enjoyed lunch at the Branding Iron. I had the yummy Baby Back Ribs! Keith had the Fish & Chips. Grand Targhee is a great place to ski. If it was more accessible it would be a World Class Resort. I guess in some ways that is probably a blessing to the locals. Definitely coming back.

Tuesday was a light day. Worked out on the elliptical and enjoyed a steam shower and massage. Spent a little time catching up on some emails and calls after lunch. Had some planning to get done before we left for the Land of Utah.

Wednesday back to Zion! Left around 2 pm for Salt Lake City to host guests for the Utah Jazz vs. Miami Heat game. What made this game interesting was the Jazz came out and had a monstrous second half. Very exciting to see them just take the game over. At halftime we had a drawing for dinner at Log Haven for Valentines. Such a cool restaurant and our winners were so excited.

Thursday started the day off at Sundance. Spent most of my day snowboarding. Kids would be proud of me, I am getting mad skills! Had lunch at the Owl Bar. One of my favorite places to eat is back by the fireplace. It was such an insanely beautiful day. Spring skiing came early. Wrapped a little after 4 pm so we could head back and get ready for the Cougarettes in Concert.

The Concert was amazing. I. Loved. It. All! I enjoyed seeing the variety of dance styles. If you haven’t been to one of their performances GO!

Friday Valentine’s Day. Keith and the guys have been promising a surprise. I like surprises, but I also like to unravel a mystery. I have offered food, sex and attention but he hasn’t cracked. I even tried to confuse him with psychological warfare. So Valentine’s Day us girls were all in the dark. Day started at Kneaders for breakfast. Plans were revealed. Us girls paired off for a day of fun with one of the guys. Loose plans were meeting in Deer Valley to check in at the Montage Resort and dinner at 7 pm. For 24 hours Todd and I were a couple. Loose plans mind you.

Since Todd was my Valentine this year we went back to his place and fucked. Had to get that out of the way. He has a nice, thick, hard cock. I greatly enjoyed myself, I hope he enjoyed me too. Fun afternoon on the slopes as well. Another insanely beautiful day. Had burgers, fresh cut fries and a s’mores shake at Burgers and Bourbon for lunch. Got a few hours of skiing in before checking in. Kind of crazy to be sharing Valentine’s Day with someone besides your spouse. Had our own room and was like…a bed. Had Before Dinner Sex and then got ready. Met up with everyone at the Apex Restaurant for dinner. Had the steak and WOW it was good. Skipped dessert in favor of After Dinner Sex. Finally ordered dessert at 10 pm. Devil’s Chocolate Cake and milk. Fitting dessert don’t you think?

Saturday thought about ordering room service but decided we better meet the group for breakfast. I was a bit envious as Mandy, Sara and Jordyn were going to the spa for a few hours while the guys went skiing again. Keith and I headed back to Provo for the Cougarette Brunch at the Hinkley Alumni Center. It was fun catching up with the girls. There was a private concert in the afternoon for Alumni and family. Definitely was worth seeing their performance twice. I would have gone to all 5 had time permitted. ♥️. Lots of hugs and back to the Land of Idaho and the City of Idaho Falls. We stopped at Arby’s for a quick dinner on the way. Fortunately we beat the storm home.

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