Bee. You. Tee. Full!

The Beautiful Mount Timpanogos & Sundance Mountain Resort

Keith and I finally saw the Harley Quinn Birds of Prey movie this week. I really liked it. The studio made a mistake leaving her name out, people were confused about the title at first and didn’t go see it. Word of mouth seems to have saved it though. I shared two posters. I couldn’t decide which one I liked better! ♥️ Harley!

The Beautiful Margot Robbie
In Harley Quinn Birds of Prey

This week is our last week to Utah for awhile. Stopped in Centerville for lunch at Wendys, then to Land Rover. An hour later we are headed to the Land of Provo. Got very lucky on our timing and avoided most of rush hour. Passed Sandy a little after 4:30 and by that point was in the clear. I-15 can be hazardous to your time.

Stopped at Harmons on 800 N in Orem to grab some groceries. Dropped them off at the Condo before heading over to the BYU vs Santa Clara 🏀 game. Three big games this week and the final two home games for the Cougars! BYU for the win but it was pretty close until the end. First half up by 10 then BYU let them back in it. Fortunately a rally in the final minutes to win 85-75. Fun game heading into Saturday against Gonzaga. Enjoyed some fun post game sex until we all finally crashed around 1 am.

Santa Clara Broncos vs BYU 2-20-2020
The Beautiful Cougarettes
Marriott Center and the Sixth Man

Friday got to sleep in a little. Keith made some breakfast. Eggs, bacon, ham, English muffins and OJ. I had a meeting at dōTERRA for a couple of hours over lunch. Got a nap in the afternoon then headed up to Salt Lake City for the Utah Jazz vs San Antonio Spurs game. This was a big one. Jazz on a four game win streak and control of their own destiny. Unfortunately they came out flat and were never really in the game. Made a push in the fourth quarter but too little, too late. Disappointing to see them play so poorly. I get you can’t win them all. I can handle a loss. Okay honestly I hate to lose, but I really hate to lose when your team just sucks. Jazz should be embarrassed. Hopefully they redeem themselves with a win against the Rockets tomorrow. Won’t see that game but that is a win they desperately need. At halftime one of our guests won a $100 gift card to The Melting Pot. A great win for our winner despite the Jazz losing. LOL I really don’t like to lose 😂

Jazz sucked Friday night against San Antonio

Friday crashed pretty early. Skiing and snowboarding at Sundance Saturday morning. Left at 8 am and on the slopes within an hour. The forecast said the weather would be Beautiful. WOW was it ever. Blue skies, mid 40s by lunch. Was such a fun day up there. Our son and daughter brought several of their BYU friends. Made sure they all were well fed and had a good time. I have been working on my snowboarding skillz. Since everyone brought snowboards that is how we spent our time. The kids all said I could Shred! Pretty awesome when college kids think your cool 😎.

After Sundance, had a double header at BYU. First Men’s Volleyball 🏐 at the Smith Fieldhouse. First game we have been to in years. Ranked 2nd in the Nation and they swept USC. Crowd was in it! Game finished at 7:30 and we walked over to the Marriott Center for the Basketball 🏀 game.

BYU 14-0 Ranked 2nd in the Nation

The Cougars showed up tonight to play. The energy in the Marriott Center was like electricity. The team played their hearts out. I wasn’t sure BYU would hold onto the lead long in the second half. Gonzaga would make adjustments and they would pull away. They got close but BYU came out of the timeout after the rally and just took over the game. Cougars wouldn’t be denied. As the final seconds ticked off the fans just poured on the floor. Our seats were on the second row and I thought we were going to get swept away! Just pure insanity. I will never forget this night. It was a BEAUTIFUL win! #WeAreBYU!

Gonzaga Bulldogs vs. BYU 2-22-2020
So Happy for these Cougars!
Do you see us down there?
Rise and Shout!
Fitting End to a Herculean Performance

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