Hosting an Event…

Here are a few things I have learned over the years. Having hosted Corporate Events, Retreats, Private Events and my very own.

1. An event is more than just a party.

2. Fundraise. Guests give generously if they have an experience.

3. Food, Food, Food. Caterers make everyone happy.

4. When appropriate alcohol. Did I mention fundraising?

5. Sponsors. Their money elevates it to event level.

6. Connect. Build the relationship post event.

7. Photographers. Plural. Who doesn’t like to strike a pose?

8. Guests should have no doubt they are a VIP.

9. An Event like the Sundance Film Festival, let your guests invite others by sharing their name to get access. Nothing strokes the ego like name dropping. Sponsors love peeps.

10. When possible live music.

If you feel you need a celebrity invite local. A coach like Kalani , Pope or Whittingham, Jazz players, a dōTERRA Founder, Cosmo, former college players. Attorney General or many others.

Snowshoeing and the Jazz

Yesterday was a pretty nice day despite the cold. Keith and I went out snowshoeing for awhile. Pretty good workout and there is so much snow to see! Miles and miles of snow 😂

Wednesday morning got up a bit sore. Got a run in, then spent some time recovering in the Sauna. This girl is going to get a massage sometime this week. Unfortunately not yesterday. Got a call and was asked to entertain guests at the Jazz game. Since we were free it was just the decision on the weather. Big game against the Nuggets so after last week’s four losses you would think the Jazz would use this as an opportunity to get back on track. No. Still had fun though.

It was pretty obvious driving home after the game wasn’t going to happen. Ended up getting a room at Hyatt House across the street from the Vivint Center. Honestly there or the Courtyard by Marriott are awesome for a game night or concert. Got up this morning and ran on the treadmill in their fitness center and ate breakfast. Headed out a little while ago for home. As long as Malad Pass isn’t bad we should be fine. Wish us luck!

One thing I really enjoy about nights away is sex! Last night with the curtains open watching the show fall and again in the early hours of the morning. Sleeping naked just makes it easy.

Road Trip

Saturday afternoon road trip to Provo for the BYU vs Saint Mary’s basketball game. The boys each brought a friend and we were off to Zion. Arrived and grabbed some hamburgers at Five Guys over by University Place. Neither of their friends had ever been to a BYU game so we had to grab tees, hats, cougar tails, sovereign cups. The works! They got pics with the Cougarettes and we cheered loud. The Marriott Center was rocking. If you missed the game BYU had a late second half rally and hit an insane 3 pointer with only seconds left in the game. Then blocked a shot for the win. Pretty sure that was the biggest crowd of the season. Place erupted as this was a HUGE win for the Cougars. Had to be back early for church so headed back to Idaho Falls at 7 am. The boys were not excited about that. 😂

A couple of things. Super impressed by Coach Rose being at the game and he and Coach Pope taking a moment together. Coach Pope is doing great things with BYU Basketball. Also loved the recognition they gave Coach Maxfield of the Cougarettes. Thirty years of awesomeness. She is going to be missed.

Super Bowl 2020

Congrats to the Kansas City Chiefs. I didn’t have a horse in this race but happy to see both teams play hard and an exciting comeback.

It was a fun Super Bowl Party. Had a ton of food, rootbeer floats, raffle tickets and prizes. Wings, wings and more wings! Fun to see so many come out for the game. Never seen so much red here in the Barn.

Huge storm arrived this evening. We are getting dumped on along with 20+ MPH winds. Be careful out there peeps.

Naughty Time

This year’s Sundance Film Festival has been amazing. I love how it continues to evolve and grow for us. Play Day is our final activity. The Lodge was full on Sunday night and skiing and snowboarding was what most of us did Monday. By late afternoon things were winding down and we started packing things up for our departure Tuesday. At 5 Headed into Salt Lake City for the Jazz game at Vivint Arena.

Met up with Jordyn and some of her friends at the suite. Super fun night of flirting and teasing. There was the six of us plus Jordyn, her guy and four of her friends we hadn’t yet met. Despite the Rockets owning the Jazz, which how does that happen with both Harden and Westbrook not playing? Frustrating loss. The highlight of the night was the Cougarettes half time performance. They rocked the arena!

After the game it was back to Park City and the After Hours Party. So there is this game we made up called Strip. Six guys and six girls on mixed teams of three each. The teams take turns drawing a card from a deck. High card wins and the losing team all have shed an article of clothing. Every player has six pieces of clothing including a pair of shoes, a pair of socks, pants, shirt, garment top and garment bottom. The girls get a bonus piece with the bra 😂. The winning team gets bragging rights and a sexual favor granted. As luck or unluck would have it I was on the losing team. Let’s be honest here though. Is there really any losers in a group of 12 mostly naked naughty peeps?

The sexual favor asked was watching the girls masturbate together. Technically I think it was unfair as the guys who lost got to watch with the winning team. I did have a great orgasm. This night of Decadence had been planned for months. Free Pass with instructions to have fun, don’t get jealous and anything you like…do it more than once. One of the great things about group sex is the variety. Six cocks, two first time. Crashed after 3 am. Woke up a couple hours later for another fuck. Then slept a couple more hours. Checked out and grabbed a late breakfast at Kneaders with everyone before heading home.

A couple highlights. Keith got sloppy seconds after someone didn’t pull out fast enough. There was All Girls Only Play from 12:22 am to 12:59 am. Had toys and the guys got a nice break watching. Todd has the biggest cock at 8.5 inches but one of the new guys had a really thick cock. My favorite sexual activity is sucking pussy flavored cock. Sex was wet, filled with erotic noises and plenty of eye candy. The heights you can go in a group setting is a sexual experience definitely worth having. If you ever get the chance, soooooo worth it. Another recommendation…12 in a large hot tub making out is pretty great. The guys especially liked watching us. The views were incredible.