Joy in Isolation

Love, Love, Love Horses

I hope you are all doing well as this storm of life slowly rages. Here is our continuing account of finding Joy in Isolation. Like everyone it hasn’t been easy but we are adapting. ♥️

Thursday after a morning run I had a team call. It was nice to check in with peeps. Those I know are self isolating as much as possible. A connection to the outside I believe is vital to ones mental health. After the call had a chance to catch up with my Tribe. My advice, take the time to call those you love most. Everyone is feeling the effects of isolation. It can be depressing.

In the afternoon worked a bit more in the Greenhouse gathering vegetables. Keith and I went to Smiths to pick up some essentials like milk, eggs and bread for some of the Ward members. Dropped the groceries and the vegetables off and spoke with them a few minutes.

Friday after a run paid some bills. Thought it might be nice to get them out of the way. Today was supposed to be our Ward Youth Snowmobiling Retreat. The youth were looking so forward to this weekend. It has been on the calendar for months. I have had a chance to contact each of the young women and you do your best to put a positive spin on things. I am feeling bummed about it like they are. Working on a Summer Retreat for them. Fingers crossed! Finished the evening with a game of Catan Settlers of America.

Saturday up early. Packed the SUV and taking the family to Star Valley. Decision made late last night. There is enough gas and no interaction required with anyone on the way. The property is available as we had it scheduled for our other plans. Our older kids haven’t seen it yet so it will be a good break for us all. Planning on some horseback riding and snowmobiling while there. Most likely will come back Monday or Tuesday. The dogs are very excited!

Parting thoughts. I am looking forward to the Sabbath. I find Peace in having the Gospel as a constant in our lives. I am grateful for the Come Follow Me Program. It has been a game changer for so many. I encourage you to find a way to bring a moment of Joy to someone. It will lesson your own worries and elevate their Spirit as well.

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