Star Valley, Wyoming

I love this part of the country. Beautiful, peaceful and very quiet. More quiet than normal with the COVID-19 Pandemic. It has been a nice escape for a couple of days.

Saturday after we arrived and unpacked there was exploring to do. The snowshoeing turned into snow racing, which is not easy to do. I did not win any races. I sure was hungry for lunch though. After lunch prepped the horses and went on a ride. A beautiful afternoon, then the snow/rain came. Grilled some steaks, corn on the cob and pineapple. Add baked potatoes and dinner was pretty delicious. Finished the night watching The Fellowship of the Ring. Figured we had time to watch the Lord of the Rings on this trip!

Sunday made fried bread scones, a fruit plate and hot chocolate for breakfast. Kids went to check on the horses and help feed them. I got a quickie with Keith in the shower. ♥️ Church was at Noon. Similar program as last week. Opening song The Spirit of God. Followed by the Sacrament administered by our three sons. Youngest was our speaker. Watched the Book of Mormon video of Enos. Went out again snowshoeing after Church. Peaceful. I still did not win a snow race. Totally not cool! For dinner warmed a few pizzas up and and settled in for The Two Towers.

Monday arrived and a new week. Keith was up early on the phone. Wanted to invest in the Stock Market again but decided to hold off. I think like most people, he is too nervous to jump in. Volatility is a scary thing. Interesting comment from Keith this morning that money has become slippery. The kids went to feed the horses then we got another ride in. For FHE there was a great and terrible game of Spaz. Normally you want a bigger group but we made due with the six of us. No one got hurt but it was insane. Finished up the Lord of the Rings Trilogy with The Return of the King and warm iced brownies and homemade cinnamon ice cream. Yummy!

Tuesday started with an early drive-by of the Star Valley Temple. After a late breakfast, our snowmobiling adventure got us into the mountains west of the river. So very beautiful up there. The weather was overcast all day, then the snow finally started to fall. It has been snowing since. I have always found Peace being outside in the falling snow. Planning on heading back to Idaho Falls tomorrow if the roads are clear.

I know this has been a trial for all. This pandemic is always on your mind. Hard not to be worried about family, friends and others. I am grateful for some laughs and smiles this weekend, these moments have been mixed with naps, tears and reflection. I mentioned to friends today that this COVID-19 virus is like the perfect storm. It has come in and smashed society how we are most vulnerable. The days and weeks ahead will be unlike nothing any of us have ever experienced. Pray for mercy, enjoy the simple things and love without limits. God Bless!

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