Roads Lead to Strange Places

Monday had friends over for a bungee workout and the wet spa. Just a few peeps, but we had such a good time. Lunch after was a Chicken Caesar Salad and fresh squeezed lemonade. Zoom call in the afternoon and launch of Garden Club. Pizza, breadsticks and wings for dinner and bowling for FHE.

Tuesday worked in the Garden. Weather hasn’t been promising. Most everyone is putting it off until next week. I guess snow is expected early morning hours Saturday. Spring is Schizophrenic. If it does snow, hoping it doesn’t freeze what has been planted. Would drape plastic over the boxes but the wind has been insane. Fingers crossed for some good luck!

Raised Garden Boxes 12’ x 4’
The look we are working towards.

Wednesday got my hair done and highlights. Dogs came and got a treat. Baking chocolate chip cookies tonight and listening to Bon Jovi. (:

Warm cookies and cold milk!

Thursday worked most the day. The beginning of month end for dōTERRA. Hoping our momentum over the past couple months continues to carry us forward.

Love ♥️ my Essential Oils.

Friday is a special day this week. Raiders of the Lost Ark was the choice for Friday Night Cinema. Hoping Summer arrives and we can take this outdoors with more friends in June. Did something a little different this week. The boys each got to invite three friends for a sleepover. Often do late nights, rarely an actual sleepover. Prepared the email invites and they were accepted with much enthusiasm. Could be a long night for Keith (:

Indiana Jones is my Hero!

Saturday made a HUGE breakfast. French toast, bacon, sausage, ham, a fruit plate and pineapple juice, milk and hot chocolate. It is snowing. Seriously! Hot chocolate is a must on a day like this. Watched the snow fall, ate bacon and listened to Christmas music.


Important day ahead for our Ward’s six Seniors. Graduation Celebration planned for 6 pm. Candy Lei’s. Senior Memories and an Auction plus VIP Party just for them. Each Senior got his own area of the Barn as guests came through to give their well wishes. The last hour included a video highlighting each of these kids, held in the Event Hall along with the Auction. Not everyone was able to attend, so for the Highlight Film and Live Auction we streamed it. Our Youth had created a list of chores they would offer in exchange for a donation to our Graduation Fund. The Auction generated approximately $7300. Those funds were split up and given to each of our Seniors. Grateful for the generous gifts of time and money. It was a good night and fun VIP Party!

This week has been full of surprises. kindness and miracles. Some of you are aware of something that has happened to us this week that is a game changer. Roads, especially the dirt ones, often have hidden adventures waiting for you. Take a chance once in awhile and explore. It is worth the effort.

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