Venturing Out

Monday woke up early for a Memorial Day Hike. Explored over at Kelly Mountain and hiked the Loop. In the afternoon invited Garden Club peeps and Keith grilled chicken. It was sooooo good. Add salad, baked potato and Scotcharoos it made for a fun evening.

Tuesday – Thursday dōTERRA end of month. A few long days. Wanted to wrap up as much as possible before the weekend. Never have liked end of month to fall on a Sunday. This year add travel and yikes!

Went on a trail run Thursday. Broke away for an hour and oh did I enjoy myself. Even had a couple of running companions. Always a treat.

Friday had a strategy call in the morning to prep for our trip to Boston. A couple more dōTERRA calls through lunch. Crashed hard in the afternoon. Keith thought I was done for the night. One of those naps you have to fight to wake up from. Finally dragged myself out of bed. Drank a big glass of water, used some Motivate essential oil and hopped on the elliptical for half an hour. Found a second wind.

Friday Night Cinema movie choice was Balto. It’s a cute movie. Keith grilled up some hamburgers and everyone enjoyed some Pool time. Water is still a little cold, but the day was hot. So with the Pool officially open and our first outdoor Friday Night Cinema of the year Summer is officially open! So glad I didn’t sleep through this.

Saturday more Pool time and a few calls but they were outside while enjoying the Sun. Got my packing done, plus Keith’s, for our trip to Boston. Bought tickets to The Spud in Driggs for Tommy Boy so headed there around 6. Haven’t been to a Drive-In movie in a vert long time. I loved it! New experience for our kids as well.

One movie I am really excited about is the new Christopher Nolan movie TENET. It is going to melt your brain! Here is the Trailer. Coming in July!

Sunday slept in. Made breakfast doughnuts, hard boiled eggs, sausage and bacon and grape juice. Will have Sacrament and then Keith and I are headed to Park City for the beginning of an adventure.

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