Lack of Understanding

Sadly, Memorial Day included the death of George Floyd. I am not going to pretend I know anything about the man, good or bad. The circumstances of his death I find unforgivable at the hands of a police officer. Like millions of others, I am angry. Minneapolis had all of our attention, we were with you. Then you riot, loot and vandalize. Really?! This did what? The violence, yes violence spread to other cities. You, Minneapolis, lost me. I empathize with you over your anger, but your lack of self control has nothing to do with the victim. You are opportunists. Shame on you and every other person that either participated in this violence or has glamorized it. What a missed opportunity to have brought awareness and change. You all have magnified racism and fueled the lust of hatred. For those that have grossly misunderstood, the law grants you the right to assemble and peaceably protest. It does not give you the right to riot, loot, vandalize and threaten. That is called terrorism. This is what a peaceable protest looks like.

Personally if it were up to me, I would turn lose the military and police on you. You are hypocrites and a menace to good society. Fortunate for you others are allowing your stupidity to a degree. A very sad day. A word to the wise, be careful of stirring up the anger of Patriots. There may come a day when Hell is unleashed on your heads.

This is a pic of the Utah State Capitol this morning. I have no words for how angry this makes me.

Just a quick note to be positive as well. I find it interesting the similarities between Apollo 8 and yesterday’s launch of the Dragon Module. Both occurred during a time of great national distress due to citizens who willfully could not control themselves, as well as a time when firsts were so critical to our national technical achievements. We should be proud as Americans and as a human family that good can prevail over poor judgement. I hope this inspires you.

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