A June Wedding

Mostly a pretty quiet week here. Up late Thursday night with peeps in Hawaii, working on dōTERRA month end. This time of year they are four hours behind, so wrapped up after 1 am. Beautiful weather this week. Pool time and a little work poolside finalizing plans for a trip to Colorado July 6th. Absolutely the best office in the World is one with a breeze and view.

Friday Night Cinema included 30 friends and a Pool party. Keith grilled hamburgers and the movie selection was Ferris Beuller’s Day Off. Timeless classic. Love watching movies under the stars on Summer nights.


Saturday started early and ended late. One of my young women got engaged in March and today was the wedding and reception. Had tables and chairs set up by 9 am. After prep needed to get errands ran. Unfortunately there have been quite a few horses surrendered from people that can’t take care of them. Always have talked about getting horses and have space for them but have postponed because it is not cheap putting fencing in and taking care of them. This year we finally bit the bullet. There is a need and we got a nice deal on the fencing which helps. The Rescue has taken great care of the the horses and Monday is the big day. After a couple of trips to a horse trailer dealer and a thousand questions a decision was made 😂. The sales guy seriously worked hard showing us multiple trailers, multiple times on multiple visits. Of course I had to do everything on every trailer he showed us. He was extremely patient. The BYU logo will be added to the trailer next week! 😎

Stopped for a late lunch and visit to the horses. Fed them apples 🍎 and gave them love. Horses are a very empathetic animal. They remind me of dolphins 🐬. I think they sense they were abandoned. Maybe it’s just me, but they seemed sad. They like to give hugs. Mandy is bringing her kids up Monday morning to help. She grew up with horses, so is coming to keep us from drowning lol. This is a big step for us.

Wedding started at 6, followed by pics at 7 and a reception at 7:30. Cute couple, Red Velvet cake and no wedding line. Simple decorations and cute pics of them each growing up. I loved they stayed with the basics. One of the things she wanted was to stay until dark so they could light the Barn. The Bride is one of my young women, so this one got VIP treatment from me. 😇 It was pretty awesome! A day full of Joy for a deserving couple and family. A sweet thing to witness. One of the greatest pay days in life is celebrating Joy.

Star Valley Palooza!

This past week was Event Planner Palooza. I have been asked what a Palooza is…essentially work, food, late nights, early mornings and lots of play. Did I mention food? So I hope you enjoy the tale of our adventure in Palooza.

Monday watched the Sound of Music with Mandy, Sara, kids and dogs. Keith took a pass. That is okay the rest of us had a great time. Nice way to finish a relaxing day by the Pool.

Tuesday Prep Day. Left midday for Star Valley. After getting everything set for Palooza we stopped for dinner at 225 BBQ Etc in Thayne. One of those local hole in the wall places that is unbelievably good. If you are in the area tell them Angie sent you! Insanely good BBQ!

Wednesday Arrival Day. The Charter Coach pulled in about 11 am from Utah. Had lunch and then an afternoon session of training and exciting details of the exclusivity agreement. Introduced the weeks incentives, a social media launch and website and announcements before dinner, including a promotion for a very deserving individual. The evening included Chicken Cordon Bleu and an Evening of Magic followed by the movie The Illusionist. Epic!

The Magician did some pretty amazing things with a rope, put one of the Partners wedding ring in a sealed water bottle, made this card fly around the room, had a rabbit that I got to hold lol. He didn’t do any tricks with the rabbit. Waited all night to find out it was just a pet 😂. I think a designed distraction. He did some hypnosis and a few other illusions. Those that wanted to stayed up for the movie 🍿 The Illusionist has such a great twist. If you haven’t seen it definitely take the time.

Thursday started with Yoga. Kicked my tail. Key Note Speaker in the morning broke down the concept of Alignment. It was fitting for this Group and what is ahead. Breakout Sessions in the afternoon. Piano Performance that evening. Keith and our son arrived with our guests from the East Coast just before dinner. Introductions are always awesome. Earlier night to bed for me. I was pretty beat.

Friday Morning our Partners presented discussed Vision and Goals. I am very excited about the clients they have. The relationship capital and influence they bring to the table is staggering. Leveling up. Disc Golf and Karaoke to finish off the day. I laughed so much I embarrassed myself. First time playing Disc Golf.

Saturday after a presentation showcasing the properties for the upcoming Tour we awarded some incentive prizes to the Group. Participation is always encouraged from texting contacts to scheduling a presentation, a birdie in Disc Golf, staying up to watch the Illusionist, singing Karaoke and more. The Group did a great job on their score cards. Some incentives carried a heavier score than others though as they found out. Enjoyed giving presentation and sharing the promotional video we had produced. After Tour there was time for a little sightseeing in Jackson. Had a special surprise for the evening in Wilson at the Bar J Chuckwagon. Absolutely love this place. Yummy food and the bestest entertainment by the Wranglers. Wonderful way to wrap up Palooza.

The first property on Tour was a beautiful cabin near Jackson. What I like about this place is the mix of rustic and modern amenities. Great location for entertaining with a Pool plus fishing if your into that. Abundant wildlife that likes to pass through. I think the interior designer created one of the best use of colors, texture and genera ambience I have ever seen. The copper tub in the master suite being a prime example. A great Retreat for a group of executives.

The second property I love because of the windows. Incredible views and huge windows across both the front and back of the main house. There is a tunnel underground from the main house to the Annex, which has 180 degree views from the Greenhouse attached and a guest room on the upper level. There is also a 4000 sq ft guest house with four additional bedrooms up the hill. This is one of the best Retreats I have seen for an executive getaway.

There is a Bar D Chuckwagon in Durango, Colorado that we have attended a couple of times. So pick one and GO! If you are looking to do something uniquely fun this is worth the time.

Sunday Father’s Day. Keith and our son drove our East Coast guests to the Jackson Hole airport early. Saw everyone else off in the Chartered Coach back to Zion at 8 am. The rest of us followed each other back to Idaho Falls with a brief stop to see the progress of Base Camp. Church again at the Homestead today. Our first week of Church back in the Chapel will be on July 19th. Feels like an eternity away. Cube steak. baked potato, yams with marshmallows, peas and rice krispy treats with M&Ms for dessert. Keith enjoyed himself and I crashed. Started the day with midnight sex and wanted to end the day for him that way but I was out. He was kind to let me sleep.

Monday Sand Dunes at St. Anthony. Took out the Raptors and Snipers for a day of fun to celebrate Father’s Day. Invited 6 other families. Was pretty quiet out there on a Monday so plenty of fun for our group. A couple of the families had never been. I love hearing kids laugh and watch them as they experience something the first time. Joy is contagious.

Palooza Week was a success. I plan to take a couple of days to relax. It is truly a validating experience to put on an Event for processionals that they enjoyed. I am tired but feel really good about what we experienced. Good night. ♥️

A Most Excellent Vacation

Monday & Tuesday enjoyed some me time. Such an amazing trip last week but needed time absorb it all. Slept in, worked out, had a massage, did a trail run, Keith took care of dinner. Only have 3 emails in my inbox which is insane. 😎

Wednesday worked on Countdown items for the upcoming Event Planner Palooza next week in Star Valley. Countdown includes a checklist of items for the venue, caterer, signage, entertainment, speakers and other details. Working closely with a coordinator from the other group on travel arrangements as well. Excited for this event and everything surrounding it this year. Tomorrow Sara and Mandy will be here. It feels like forever since seeing all of them.

Thursday up early and worked out. Our guests arrived around 11 and lots of hugs. Kids have grown so much. Dogs were crazy excited as well. Fed the kids chicken strips, chips and soda for lunch, got everyone settled, then spent the afternoon in the Pool. Weather finally feels like Summer which is long overdue. Up late playing cards and chatting outside under the stars.

Friday Bungee Workout at 8. The younger girls decided to join us so had to rotate as we only have four. Might need to get two more. Was fun having a group. After our workout we all hit the saunas. Sara, Mandy and I took the wet sauna and the girls took the dry sauna. Spent the afternoon by the Pool again. Friday Night Cinema resumed this week. Pizza, bread sticks and chicken wings for dinner and watched Bill & Ted. Silly movie but most excellent! Lit the Barn after the movie.

Saturday the guys were up before breakfast getting the side by side, four wheelers and motor bikes loaded up. Had a breakfast of scones, eggs and bacon before leaving at 10 for the Palisades. Takes about 40 minutes from our place to Bass Camp. It has been fun getting some projects completed down there. Don’t have to bring everything back every time now. With storage and some indoor and outdoor living space to enjoy it is a lot less work to escape home. Hard to believe it’s been two years since our friends have been down here. Got a hike in and some riding. Cooked tin foil dinners in the fire pit. Guys got everything loaded up that was going back before dinner. Relaxed by the campfire and made s’mores till after dark then headed back to the Homestead.

Sunday slept in till 8 then made marbled eggs and celestial toast for breakfast. Took a couple of days to convince Mandy and Sara’s husbands to let them stick around to attend Palooza. Promises made. 😇 Not anyone can crash Palooza. For Church will have Sacrament at 2 then dinner before the others leave for Utah. This week depart for Star Valley on Tuesday to get prepped for guests Wednesday. Going to be a big week as Launch continues.

The Day After

Made it home! The rain followed us. After sleeping in this morning made some waffles for brunch with bacon, OJ and some strawberries 🍓. I had no plans today. Got soaked walking to the Barn. Enjoyed a cup of hot chocolate while watching the rain fall. Read an interesting article about parallel universes. Dogs and the Cat kept me company. Today I was still. Wednesday I may do something. Thursday Mandy and Sara will be here. That is all.

East Coast Launch

Sunday arrived at the property in Park City at 4. Catered dinner of BBQ brisket, funeral potatoes, corn on the cob and apple cobbler with our travel group + spouses. Kami was already at the property with the doors unlocked and had brought snacks and food for breakfast. Low key night of relaxing with peeps. Going to enjoy the hot tub this evening. Depart out of Heber Valley Airport at noon tomorrow. A little nervous about this trip honestly. Will be in Boston at a property on Beacon Street. Know we will be safe, but the protests around the country have been unsettling. One is planned on Sunday in the Downtown Crossing area of Boston. Praying Love finds a place in everyone’s hearts.

Park City Ranch

Monday slept in, big breakfast, then it got crazy. In summary left Heber Valley at noon. Five hour flight to the Boston area. Arrived about 7. Along the way, news of rioting, looting, arson, and violence sweeping Boston. Heartbreaking to watch. After a short stop, food being delivered and a new pilot, we left for an hour flight to Syracuse New York. Our hosts had two SUV’s there to pick us up and after a 45 minute drive arrived at the Retreat. A fun welcome that included warm skillet cookies with ice cream was a great ending to a long day. The Gulfstream G280 was super cool. Enjoy the LINK! Six hours ago we were still trying to decide if we would go to Cape Cod, Upstate NY or take our chances in Boston. I really appreciate that our hosts were so responsive and willing to adjust plans. It really made a difference. Praying for Peace and that no one gets hurt.

Gulfstream G280. Pure Awesomeness!

Tuesday, a new day. A meet & greet breakfast followed by a morning strategy discussion. After lunch a tour and some free time before dinner. A delicious filet mignon. Everything served came from the Retreat. I think it takes awhile to mentally process this place. Last year Keith and I were invited out. It was fun to watch the others have their own experience.

Upstate New York Retreat

Wednesday early morning meeting followed by Brunch at 10 and some break-out sessions for coordination efforts. Afternoon lunch at 2 then some free time. Got a long run in and saw a bit more of the property including the hunting camp. This place is an Oasis. The boys went fishing and brought back Bass and Pike. The Chef here made a meal with their catch and we ate at 8. Just wrapped up dinner and Karaoke Night starts now. I guess a Karaoke machine was purchased based upon rumors of our mad karaoke skillz. Tonight is going to get wild!

Afternoon Run & Exploring

Thursday started with a light breakfast and trip back to Syracuse to catch our flight to Martha’s Vineyard. An emotional welcome after we arrived at the Bed & Breakfast. All the employees were there to greet us. It was unexpected and appreciated. Tour of the Bed & Breakfast and the Vineyard Haven property took the afternoon.

Martha’s Vineyard Bed & Breakfast

So excited to see the Vineyard Haven property again. What I like about this property. The views from the back of the house, the window’s walk, the pool area and yard. Beautiful master suite. Indoor/outdoor space has great flow. You are right in town but very private and relaxing. Have not yet had a chance to stay here.

Vineyard Haven on Main

The Chef prepared a dinner of steak & lobster. Since there were no other guests we had dessert with the staff and it was fun getting to know them. Stopped to see the Cove during the early tour of the Bed & Breakfast and went back to see the sunset. Clouds make for spectacular sunsets.

Friday slept till 8 and woke to pouring rain. Got a run in on the treadmill and some breakfast. Took the ferry over to the Cape at 10:20. The ferry ride is an hour to Hyannis, 8 hours planned to tour three properties and a small resort. Surreal to see so few people on the ferry and roads. First stop of the day was in Osterville, 15 minutes West of where the Ferry landed in Hyannis. What I like about this property. The natural light from unusual windows. The dock and access to the water. The Pool. The views from all four levels of the house is priceless.

Cape Cod One

Traveled East for 45 minutes to tour a property near Orleans. What I like about this property. Private on 5 acres sitting on a bluff surrounded by 900’ of sandy beach. The widow’s walk has 360 degree views and is breathtaking. Never seen anything like it. A beautiful location yet close to everything. Spectacular views from every room in the home. Great indoor/outdoor space for entertaining. Incredible kitchen.

Cape Cod Two

The final property tour was also near Orleans. What I like about this property. The Beach. So much white sand. The entire back of the house is pretty much windows. There isn’t a bad view in this home. I can imagine evenings of sitting by the outdoor fire pit and listening to the ocean. Several fireplaces in this home that add to the charm.

Cape Cod Three

Wrapped up the afternoon with a tour of a Cape Cod Resort. Had plans for a Summit here later this year, but sadly that had to be postponed. Our peeps out here had arranged it all and until recently had been a closely guarded secret. Very kind of the ownership to open their doors and make time for us. The grounds were immaculate. A smaller Resort of 120 rooms, two beaches, two pools, tennis 🎾 courts, water sport activities, restaurants, spa and golf. Great venue for weddings, Corporate events or a vacation destination. Absolutely loved it. Spent nearly three hours here. Negotiated an agreement to further discussions. I count that a win.

Ferry ride back to Martha’s Vineyard at 7:35. Got more rain on the way. After dinner taught peeps how to play American Rummy & Hand and Foot. Rained all evening and was still raining when I fell asleep.

Saturday woke up to fog. Thick fog that you can’t see anything. The kind you don’t venture out in or you might get lost. Spooky! Had some breakfast and hot chocolate. Flavored hot chocolate is a thing here. Wonder where they got that from? Today is a wind down day since we won’t be going to Boston. Started on the elliptical in the Fitness Center and then enjoyed pampering in the Spa. A 90 minute hot rock massage and a hydrating body wrap really did the trick. The fog finally burned off and Keith kept his promise of a canoe ride. I played that song from The Little Mermaid ♥️ Kiss the Girl. It was funny and yes I got a kiss.

A BBQ for the staff and their families was planned for Saturday evening. Spent time prepping making Scotcharoos for dessert and salads and baked potatoes for dinner. Keith and David grilled ribs and chicken. No one left hungry. I was asked to share some thoughts. As typical the guys coerced me into it. Totally being honest here, I am abused tremendously by those two. Started a movie for the kids, Spies in Disguise which is most awesome! Love the sound of laughter. I think most everyone was watching it to be honest. Cute movie!

Sunday morning our flight is scheduled to leave Martha’s Vineyard at 8 and we will arrive in Heber Valley around 11 Zion Time. Should be back to Idaho Falls by 4. Looking forward to our follow-up Event Planner Palooza June 17-21 in Star Valley. Our peeps from back East will be joining for a couple of days as well. A lot still to do before launch.

This trip was special for a couple reasons. First this new Joint Venture. It opens up tremendous avenues for the Foundation and doing much good. Second to spend time with some really great people. Not just our group but the people that work with us and that we met along the way. In the end, people are the secret of everything good in our lives.