A Most Excellent Vacation

Monday & Tuesday enjoyed some me time. Such an amazing trip last week but needed time absorb it all. Slept in, worked out, had a massage, did a trail run, Keith took care of dinner. Only have 3 emails in my inbox which is insane. 😎

Wednesday worked on Countdown items for the upcoming Event Planner Palooza next week in Star Valley. Countdown includes a checklist of items for the venue, caterer, signage, entertainment, speakers and other details. Working closely with a coordinator from the other group on travel arrangements as well. Excited for this event and everything surrounding it this year. Tomorrow Sara and Mandy will be here. It feels like forever since seeing all of them.

Thursday up early and worked out. Our guests arrived around 11 and lots of hugs. Kids have grown so much. Dogs were crazy excited as well. Fed the kids chicken strips, chips and soda for lunch, got everyone settled, then spent the afternoon in the Pool. Weather finally feels like Summer which is long overdue. Up late playing cards and chatting outside under the stars.

Friday Bungee Workout at 8. The younger girls decided to join us so had to rotate as we only have four. Might need to get two more. Was fun having a group. After our workout we all hit the saunas. Sara, Mandy and I took the wet sauna and the girls took the dry sauna. Spent the afternoon by the Pool again. Friday Night Cinema resumed this week. Pizza, bread sticks and chicken wings for dinner and watched Bill & Ted. Silly movie but most excellent! Lit the Barn after the movie.

Saturday the guys were up before breakfast getting the side by side, four wheelers and motor bikes loaded up. Had a breakfast of scones, eggs and bacon before leaving at 10 for the Palisades. Takes about 40 minutes from our place to Bass Camp. It has been fun getting some projects completed down there. Don’t have to bring everything back every time now. With storage and some indoor and outdoor living space to enjoy it is a lot less work to escape home. Hard to believe it’s been two years since our friends have been down here. Got a hike in and some riding. Cooked tin foil dinners in the fire pit. Guys got everything loaded up that was going back before dinner. Relaxed by the campfire and made s’mores till after dark then headed back to the Homestead.

Sunday slept in till 8 then made marbled eggs and celestial toast for breakfast. Took a couple of days to convince Mandy and Sara’s husbands to let them stick around to attend Palooza. Promises made. 😇 Not anyone can crash Palooza. For Church will have Sacrament at 2 then dinner before the others leave for Utah. This week depart for Star Valley on Tuesday to get prepped for guests Wednesday. Going to be a big week as Launch continues.

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