A June Wedding

Mostly a pretty quiet week here. Up late Thursday night with peeps in Hawaii, working on dōTERRA month end. This time of year they are four hours behind, so wrapped up after 1 am. Beautiful weather this week. Pool time and a little work poolside finalizing plans for a trip to Colorado July 6th. Absolutely the best office in the World is one with a breeze and view.

Friday Night Cinema included 30 friends and a Pool party. Keith grilled hamburgers and the movie selection was Ferris Beuller’s Day Off. Timeless classic. Love watching movies under the stars on Summer nights.


Saturday started early and ended late. One of my young women got engaged in March and today was the wedding and reception. Had tables and chairs set up by 9 am. After prep needed to get errands ran. Unfortunately there have been quite a few horses surrendered from people that can’t take care of them. Always have talked about getting horses and have space for them but have postponed because it is not cheap putting fencing in and taking care of them. This year we finally bit the bullet. There is a need and we got a nice deal on the fencing which helps. The Rescue has taken great care of the the horses and Monday is the big day. After a couple of trips to a horse trailer dealer and a thousand questions a decision was made 😂. The sales guy seriously worked hard showing us multiple trailers, multiple times on multiple visits. Of course I had to do everything on every trailer he showed us. He was extremely patient. The BYU logo will be added to the trailer next week! 😎

Stopped for a late lunch and visit to the horses. Fed them apples 🍎 and gave them love. Horses are a very empathetic animal. They remind me of dolphins 🐬. I think they sense they were abandoned. Maybe it’s just me, but they seemed sad. They like to give hugs. Mandy is bringing her kids up Monday morning to help. She grew up with horses, so is coming to keep us from drowning lol. This is a big step for us.

Wedding started at 6, followed by pics at 7 and a reception at 7:30. Cute couple, Red Velvet cake and no wedding line. Simple decorations and cute pics of them each growing up. I loved they stayed with the basics. One of the things she wanted was to stay until dark so they could light the Barn. The Bride is one of my young women, so this one got VIP treatment from me. 😇 It was pretty awesome! A day full of Joy for a deserving couple and family. A sweet thing to witness. One of the greatest pay days in life is celebrating Joy.

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