Pioneer Day 20

A three day weekend is a great way to kick off Pioneer Day. Kids arrived home Wednesday from Provo. Thursday was able to get the prep work done for Pioneer Day. Keith bought one of those huge canopy tents. Since we are trying to keep events in the open air right now it will be nice to have some shade. I am sure the tent will get used often in the future.

Pioneer Day Celebration. Planned for about 200 guests over the day. Up early at 6 am. With COVID-19 this year disrupting everyone’s lives this is the first big event at the Homestead for 2020. So I hope peeps come because there is fun waiting.

Pioneer Day 5K Trail Run at 8 am. Ended up with 41 runners. At the finish line was the Gauntlet. Kids were armed with water soakers and water balloons. Was a refreshing and wet way to finish the race. The kids definitely had the most fun of the morning 😂. The runners got a really nice tee and I placed third for the Bronze at 38 minutes. Home trail advantage 😇. Pioneer Day Celebration Breakfast at 9 am. Pancakes, bacon, sausage, bananas, OJ and milk. Breakfast of Champions!

Other activities of the day included time in the Pool and cliff jumping. Always a lot of ooohs and aaaahs. BINGO in the tent. I was Caller for a few games. Not sure that was a good idea 😂. Played a lot of variations including blackout. One bingo card was included but you could buy in with a donation to the Foundation and get a second card. The prizes were pretty awesome. The horses got in on the action giving rides and eating apples and carrots. Sand volleyball 🏐 and a dodgeball game were also big attractions. The main event of afternoon was the Stags vs Bucks dodgeball finale. There may have been some cat calling. Priceless!

At 4 pm was the BBQ. Smoked some ribs and grilled burgers and hotdogs. From 6 to 9 pm the entertainment for the evening was a Karaoke Band that was awesome! Live music and the willing soul once in awhile to join in. Love using a live band because with the background vocals helping even the worst at Karaoke sound great. A few of us may have performed several times. I won’t name names, but yeah it was insane! Amazing what a few prizes can do to incentivize peeps. Sunset was just before 9 pm and when it got dark a 20 minute show of fireworks 🧨. Love the cannons that shoot off the rockets in rapid fire and watching the sky light up in color.

After the fireworks was a surprise I knew nothing about. With COVID-19 we didn’t use the Barn for indoor activities but Keith lit it up for a light show to U2 Elevation. It was EPIC!

Despite the fact we had less guests than expected come it was enough. A full day but one maybe I appreciate a bit more because we laughed and sang and danced. A good day. A needed one for us all.


When you send me a pic on Kik of your Junk it’s an immediate block. I don’t want your apology, your excuse or your belligerent defense about how it’s my fault. You are an asshole if you think that is okay. Maybe guys are so visual they think it’s acceptable. It’s not. So if you want to strike up a chat, I am game. I don’t mind talking about sex, but it doesn’t have to the only topic of conversation. A few things it reveals about you. You probably can’t last very long because of your need for instant gratification. You are likely harboring a great deal of guilt, so naughty chat probably is more of a fix than anything. You may not have any idea what it’s like to enjoy a meaningful relationship with another person. Sad. Sexual fun can exist without objectifying someone to the point you make them feel dirty. So a big fuck you to a few guys I blocked today. I want to chat but my tolerance for losers is running thin. Rant over.

Working Vacation

Sunday. Change of plans. Keith likes to leave early for trips. So left for Utah Sunday afternoon and had dinner with his parents and the kids. That evening was able to go up and see the giant flag hanging across the canyon in Pleasant Grove. Pretty cool to see it all lit up flying in the dark. Has been a few years since seeing it.

Grove Creek Canyon, Pleasant Grove

Monday. Kneaders breakfast early. Almost had a rendezvous with a friend to meet while picking up breakfast. The 12 year old played spoiler and wanted to come help pick up breakfast. What do you do? 😂.

Arrived in Steamboat Springs about 1 pm and grabbed some lunch at Creekside Cafe & Grill. The patio area overlooks the creek and the food was delicious. This is a cool place if you are ever in the area. All day breakfast! I had the Wafflelaughagus with a double side of bacon. Loved it! Yes that was my second breakfast of the day if your keeping score. Keith had the chicken fried steak and the boys ordered burgers. A generous tip and the dogs got to sit quietly with us.

Arrived at the Lodge mid-afternoon and WOW!. Our hosts gave us a tour of the Lodge and the Party Barn. Relaxing evening after the drive out.

I love unique staircases.
Wildlife everywhere including this Herd of Elk.
First Evening. Peaceful.

Tuesday. Started the day with sexy sex at midnight. Slept in till 7 and the kids brought me a doughnut, banana and orange juice for breakfast in bed. (Had to come back to bed for my surprise) Toured the second Lodge early then back for brunch at 10:30 am. In the afternoon the tour continued at the Private Ski Resort, Chalet, Ranch and Clubhouse. Coming back on the side by sides we got soaked in a summer rainstorm. After 15 minutes it was sunny and beautiful like the storm never happened. Except we were wet 😂

Wrapped up the day with a BBQ and social. Fun to spend some time getting to know the staff. All day everyone was so nice saying Happy Birthday mam. Crazy! Someone let the cat out of the bag. Keith won’t own up to it. He claims innocence. BBQ ribs, BBQ chicken and grilled shrimp with funeral potatoes, salad and homemade rolls made up the feast. A red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting and homemade ice cream was served but as is our tradition, dessert was eaten first. No complaints from anyone!

Wednesday. Tour continues. Lunch. Zoom. Decision. Took the Leadership Team back to the second Lodge and spent time discussing Vision. I like the people side of business. No matter what anyone says the secret ingredient to success is surrounding yourself by smart and capable people. Include them when possible in the decision process. Only a fool takes credit for his own success.

Thursday. Left after a morning meeting over breakfast wrapping up business. Took about 7 hours with some stops and grabbing a lunch to get to our destination near Grand Junction, Colorado. The Resort is incredible. Have barely seen the place and my brain has melted. Glad we planned an anonymous arrival. Gave us a day to catch our breath and relax. Saturday and Sunday the itinerary is jammed.

Friday. Spa in the morning. Ancient River Stone Massage. Eighty minutes of bliss. 􏰈􏰃􏰁􏰐􏰊􏰒Lunch of a salad and water then a few hours at the Pools. A couple of light rain showers passed through in the afternoon. The air smelled great and it cooled the heat down. Met the GM around 4 pm. Brief tour with his personal assistant and a private dinner at the car museum with the Leadership Team. A very fun Meet & Greet. Fajitas! Cars! Peeps!

Colorado Night Skies. Priceless!

Saturday. Helicopter Tour followed by brunch at the Owner’s Residence. Packed our bags up in the morning and the staff had moved them while we were gone. The helicopter landed in the yard at the Owner’s Residence. It was kind of cool. Enjoyed brunch on the patio then went out on side by sides to see the Ranch. Buffalo, cattle, horses and Cowboys. Boys and dogs were very impressed. Heading back now to get cleaned up. The GM and the Ranch Manager along with their wives and kids are joining us for dinner. Buffalo Steaks. Once it got dark we were able to use the Observatory. This telescope was a bit bigger than what we have at home. This was just purely awesome! The kids enjoyed some swimming until midnight in the private pool. Had all the marketing collateral on this unique place, but the experience has exceeded all my expectations. Including the homemade ice cream and apple pie ♥️

The Ranch. Extremely Comfortable.
Loved the Outdoor Spaces.
400 Square Foot Observatory.
Floating Staircase.
Cinnamon Ice Cream

Sunday. Early breakfast, morning hike, rappelling and lunch. The guide took us to see some ruins. I love history and seeing it preserved is a beautiful thing. Baja Pro Truck Course in the afternoon. Okay that was insane! My adrenaline is surging through me. Ha ha I think the instructor thought he was going to die! These Baja Pro Trucks can fly! My hands are still shaking. Kids have been telling everyone about it tonight. #Famous

Epic Birthday Week. Not how I expected to spend my birthday this year, but we had a blast! Lesson I learned this week is to not try and force things. Oftentimes the greatest treasure is found in just showing up. Will leave at some point tomorrow. Zoom call in the morning and some decisions to make. Looking forward to getting back to the Homestead. Dogs are exhausted 😂

Week in Between

Tuesday. Day trip up to Island Park for lunch and to tour a property. Glad to see peeps out enjoying the Summer. Hamburgers at Lodgepole Grill is always fun. Beautiful property on the shore. Close to 7600 sq ft, 6 bd, 7ba. What I love about this property is the 150 ft sand beach, views, and it’s own dock. Great entertaining space and room for an extended family.

The Lodgepole Grill. Island Park, Idaho
Beautiful Island Park Retreat

Wednesday. Our college kids left to return to the Land of Provo. Hard day to have them leave the nest again. Made them a big breakfast with eggs, bacon and blueberry muffins. They drove away and then I cried. One thing COVID-19 did give us is a gift of unexpected time that we wouldn’t normally have had. A precious gift.

Thursday. Run, Massage, Pool, Nap. That evening we had the telescope out. Great night for star gazing with the Moon.

Friday. Overnight down at Base Camp. Boys each brought a friend. Dogs, kids and us for Friday Night Cinema. Movie selection was Guardians of the Galaxy. Checked on the progress of the Barn plus took the Raptors out on the trails. Good times. Tenting it this trip with an air mattress for us and cots for the boys. Tin foil dinner and smoothies. S’mores around the fire before the movie.


Saturday. Breakfast of scrambled eggs, pancakes, sausage, bacon, hot chocolate, milk and orange juice. Was a bit chilly getting started. Love making breakfast when camping. Tastes sooooo good. Sad Girl’s Camp isn’t happening this year. That was supposed to be next week. Keith took the boys out on the Raptors again and I had some quiet time and masturbated in the tent. A couple of nice orgasms then a nap. Got a hike in with the dogs before we had lunch. Made some cheesesteak sandwiches everyone loved. Will head back around 4 as soon as everything is loaded.

Monday. Heading to Colorado for a week. Quasi business/vacation thing. Road trip this time and the younger boys and dogs get to come along. Should be an adventure.

Independence Day 2020

Monday. Horses. Mandy and her kids arrived this morning to help us go pick up the horses. Two trips of three each. Horses are big animals and I was super nervous but after a couple hours the horses were safely at the Homestead. A lot of love given to them and apples 🍎. Oh they like apples. Started calling them Horse Candy 😂. Gave the horses the VIP Tour, explained the rules, they got a bath, brushed and the boys slept out in the Bunk Room to be close to the horses. In case they needed anything…yes I was rolling my eyes.

Tuesday. Made Cinnamon Rolls served with milk, hot chocolate or pineapple juice. Tim, the horse trainer, worked with the boys and the horses today doing some training. Not sure who benefited the most from the training, the kids or the horses 😂. Wanted to get the horses started on a routine. Tim doesn’t want us riding them for a few days. Mandy and I spent the afternoon working on dōTERRA end of month. “Live from Idahois always fun with a guest. Introduced the horses via video and had a fun broadcast.

Wednesday. Started the month with a dōTERRA kickoff call with Mandy. It has been so nice spending time with her the past few weeks. Kind of got spoiled. Goodbyes are hard. They left around 11 am. Tomorrow family arrives for the Fourth of July Event. Will spend most of the day preparing for tomorrow and the weekend.

Thursday. Woohoo Keith’s family has arrived. Every. Single. One. A rare moment. With missions, etc usually one of the kids is coming or going. His sister’s family flew into SLC and they all followed each other up. After a late lunch of Hoagies it was a chill day. Relaxed by the Pool. Introduced the horses. Boys slept out in the Bunk Room again. Getting cousins to bed is an impossible thing so just let them have their fun. I slept just fine.

Friday. Big breakfast of marbled eggs, French toast, fruit plate and orange juice. Got our first horse ride in Friday morning then took the 4-wheelers down to Base Camp. Had lunch there then an afternoon of shooting guns and riding trails until around 5 pm. Ended up caked in dirt, took awhile to get cleaned up after getting home. Friday Night Cinema started with a T-bone steak dinner followed by a double feature of Independence Day and Signs. For those still awake, we wrapped up at 2 am. First movie was watched in the Pool floating in the water. Cooled off by the second movie so watched from the deck loungers in blankets.

Saturday. Fourth of July. Keith’s Surprise reveal. The Wipit Run. Okay there are these things called Wipits that you can get for a Pool. Link them together and you can create an obstacle course and see how far you can make it across. Keith’s family doesn’t need prizes for any incentive, bragging rights is totally enough. It was priceless to watch the level of competition. The younger kids had a clear advantage as they weigh less but watching the men was the best. Us girls ran the course as well but the level of absurdity displayed by the men was pure awesomeness! Add water cannons with laser, rapid fire or obliterate settings and yeah it was precious. For dinner Keith and his brother grilled burgers and hot dogs. Add in potato salad, , jello, chips, pork & beans, salad and Rootbeer. S’mores for dessert. Ammon City lit up the sky followed by our first ever fireworks show here. Keith’s brother traveled up to Evanston and bought some very illegal and incredible fireworks.

Sunday. Church at 10 am. Sacrament administered by all of our boys. The last time we will have everyone together for a while. Was a bit emotional listening to everyone share their Testimony. A few tears shed. Breaking our Fast at 3 pm and planning a chill afternoon of games and naps. The game everyone is into right now is Settlers of Catan: Trails to Rails.

Monday. Is not set in stone yet, but a big day of games planned. Inside and out. Laser Tag, Sand Volleyball 🏐, Spades ♠️ , and Flynn’s Arcade. Will get some riding in with the horses as well. Early morning start Tuesday for our guests to head back to SLC. Flight for Dallas at 1 pm, the rest back to Utah County or the Land of Provo, as we call it. 😂. Loved this week!