Week in Between

Tuesday. Day trip up to Island Park for lunch and to tour a property. Glad to see peeps out enjoying the Summer. Hamburgers at Lodgepole Grill is always fun. Beautiful property on the shore. Close to 7600 sq ft, 6 bd, 7ba. What I love about this property is the 150 ft sand beach, views, and it’s own dock. Great entertaining space and room for an extended family.

The Lodgepole Grill. Island Park, Idaho
Beautiful Island Park Retreat

Wednesday. Our college kids left to return to the Land of Provo. Hard day to have them leave the nest again. Made them a big breakfast with eggs, bacon and blueberry muffins. They drove away and then I cried. One thing COVID-19 did give us is a gift of unexpected time that we wouldn’t normally have had. A precious gift.

Thursday. Run, Massage, Pool, Nap. That evening we had the telescope out. Great night for star gazing with the Moon.

Friday. Overnight down at Base Camp. Boys each brought a friend. Dogs, kids and us for Friday Night Cinema. Movie selection was Guardians of the Galaxy. Checked on the progress of the Barn plus took the Raptors out on the trails. Good times. Tenting it this trip with an air mattress for us and cots for the boys. Tin foil dinner and smoothies. S’mores around the fire before the movie.


Saturday. Breakfast of scrambled eggs, pancakes, sausage, bacon, hot chocolate, milk and orange juice. Was a bit chilly getting started. Love making breakfast when camping. Tastes sooooo good. Sad Girl’s Camp isn’t happening this year. That was supposed to be next week. Keith took the boys out on the Raptors again and I had some quiet time and masturbated in the tent. A couple of nice orgasms then a nap. Got a hike in with the dogs before we had lunch. Made some cheesesteak sandwiches everyone loved. Will head back around 4 as soon as everything is loaded.

Monday. Heading to Colorado for a week. Quasi business/vacation thing. Road trip this time and the younger boys and dogs get to come along. Should be an adventure.

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