When you send me a pic on Kik of your Junk it’s an immediate block. I don’t want your apology, your excuse or your belligerent defense about how it’s my fault. You are an asshole if you think that is okay. Maybe guys are so visual they think it’s acceptable. It’s not. So if you want to strike up a chat, I am game. I don’t mind talking about sex, but it doesn’t have to the only topic of conversation. A few things it reveals about you. You probably can’t last very long because of your need for instant gratification. You are likely harboring a great deal of guilt, so naughty chat probably is more of a fix than anything. You may not have any idea what it’s like to enjoy a meaningful relationship with another person. Sad. Sexual fun can exist without objectifying someone to the point you make them feel dirty. So a big fuck you to a few guys I blocked today. I want to chat but my tolerance for losers is running thin. Rant over.

2 thoughts on “Unsolicited

  1. Very well said Angie
    Men have a little respect for women it’s not that hard just because you are on social media and not face to face you can’t get away with disrespecting women ever! when chatting don’t say or do anything you wouldn’t do if you where face to face talking.

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