Pioneer Day 20

A three day weekend is a great way to kick off Pioneer Day. Kids arrived home Wednesday from Provo. Thursday was able to get the prep work done for Pioneer Day. Keith bought one of those huge canopy tents. Since we are trying to keep events in the open air right now it will be nice to have some shade. I am sure the tent will get used often in the future.

Pioneer Day Celebration. Planned for about 200 guests over the day. Up early at 6 am. With COVID-19 this year disrupting everyone’s lives this is the first big event at the Homestead for 2020. So I hope peeps come because there is fun waiting.

Pioneer Day 5K Trail Run at 8 am. Ended up with 41 runners. At the finish line was the Gauntlet. Kids were armed with water soakers and water balloons. Was a refreshing and wet way to finish the race. The kids definitely had the most fun of the morning 😂. The runners got a really nice tee and I placed third for the Bronze at 38 minutes. Home trail advantage 😇. Pioneer Day Celebration Breakfast at 9 am. Pancakes, bacon, sausage, bananas, OJ and milk. Breakfast of Champions!

Other activities of the day included time in the Pool and cliff jumping. Always a lot of ooohs and aaaahs. BINGO in the tent. I was Caller for a few games. Not sure that was a good idea 😂. Played a lot of variations including blackout. One bingo card was included but you could buy in with a donation to the Foundation and get a second card. The prizes were pretty awesome. The horses got in on the action giving rides and eating apples and carrots. Sand volleyball 🏐 and a dodgeball game were also big attractions. The main event of afternoon was the Stags vs Bucks dodgeball finale. There may have been some cat calling. Priceless!

At 4 pm was the BBQ. Smoked some ribs and grilled burgers and hotdogs. From 6 to 9 pm the entertainment for the evening was a Karaoke Band that was awesome! Live music and the willing soul once in awhile to join in. Love using a live band because with the background vocals helping even the worst at Karaoke sound great. A few of us may have performed several times. I won’t name names, but yeah it was insane! Amazing what a few prizes can do to incentivize peeps. Sunset was just before 9 pm and when it got dark a 20 minute show of fireworks 🧨. Love the cannons that shoot off the rockets in rapid fire and watching the sky light up in color.

After the fireworks was a surprise I knew nothing about. With COVID-19 we didn’t use the Barn for indoor activities but Keith lit it up for a light show to U2 Elevation. It was EPIC!

Despite the fact we had less guests than expected come it was enough. A full day but one maybe I appreciate a bit more because we laughed and sang and danced. A good day. A needed one for us all.

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