Palm Beach & Key West

Palm Beach. Tuesday morning after breakfast a 90 minute massage. Listening to the ocean and feeling the breeze definitely an added sensation. Went on an afternoon three hour tour sailing. Actually it was more like five hours (: The Catamaran was pretty sweet. Sailed down the coast to Miami. Massive city! Quite surreal to see from land, air and water.

Leopard 50 Catamaran

Thunderstorms all night and morning. Made for a crazy night of sex. It poured and was wet and smelled great. The rain…and the sex LOL! A couple of highlights that made our time here at the Retreat fun. Stayed in a different room each night. The main house, one of the cottages and the guest house. The food was incredible, outdoor spaces unbelievable, the gardens beautiful and so peaceful and secluded.

The Keys. Over 100 miles from Miami to Key West, then to the Island by boat or sea plane. Leaving Miami on Highway 1 out over the water was a surreal experience. Amazing to see the contrast between a metropolis like Miami and the islands. Happy to have seen the highway once. Will be flying out of Key West by jet 😂

The Keys – Highway 1

The Island. A private 5 acre Resort. Arrived by boat to a day of relaxing in a hammock and reading a book. Beautiful weather at 90 degrees and 69% humidity. Tomorrow a massage, paddle boarding, snorkeling and some time on the beach having pina coladas and virgin margaritas.

Final Day. Kiteboarding, Kayaking and Karaoke. Second time kiteboarding and I am beat. That much fun should be illegal 😂 A Key Deer wailed right by our Bungalow. I was talking to the deer and a couple more came by. Everyone was calling me the Deer Whisperer. The deer were interested in what I had to say. Beautiful animals that have been on the endangered list, but making a comeback.

My new friend Buck!

Not many guests here, still made some friends and sold a dōTERRA Kit! Was rather excited about that unexpected experience. Karaoke Friday night was a hoot. Between some favorites and themed songs like Kokomo, Margaritaville, Down Under, Love Shack, Ten Rounds and California Girls the night was full of laughter. I think we did Kokomo three times! 😂 Keith sang Forever in Blue Jeans! It was awesome, he does Neil so well. He may have gotten very lucky when we got back to the Bungalow 😇 No we were not drinking, but I think the staff were like wtf?! Epic night!

Saturday morning took the boat back to Key West and caught our flight to Boston. The last 24 hours were a blur. Our East Coast partners had a fundraiser at the Beacon Street property and the guests were extremely generous. What a perfect place for an event. Property was built in 1863 and nearly 6800 sq ft. Some great outdoor space with the courtyard and deck overlooking the Charles River. A fun night of being a social butterfly and playing dress up. Sunday morning caught our flight back to Idaho Falls and the smoke from the fires in California.

After arriving home decided to escape north to Big Sky, Montana. Three hours away and some smoke, but nothing like Idaho Falls. Brought up four wheelers and friends are coming up later today to join us. Will probably stay up here the rest of the week or until we run out of food. Been an insane year. Praying for the families in Nevada and California.

A Special Day

Flight landed this afternoon in Fort Lauderdale. Met up with our friends that flew in from Boston about 20 minutes prior to us. I love that plane. Seriously getting spoiled flying on the G280. A couple of Suburbans were waiting to deliver the eight of us to the property in Palm Beach.

Upon arrival each couple was given a leather binder with marketing material and a map of the property with details of…everything. I am worried there may be a test 😂. Seriously the VIP experience was off the chart, including a concierge! I am sure it was to impress, it worked! She was beautiful and smart!

Bags were delivered to the suites and had about an hour before dinner. Caesar salad, lobster 🦞, shrimp 🍤 and for dessert, A rich moist chocolate cake with a chocolate buttercream icing. I kid you not, it was deliciously decadent.

Best Cake in the World!

Ended the day in the hot tub relaxing. There are times your life you ask yourself wtf?! Grateful to be here with Keith but no idea how it happened.

Sunset to the West.

Monday morning woke up early before sunrise. After a night of the sexy sex, Keith promised to go on a run with me and to watch the sunrise for our Anniversary. I made sure we didn’t miss out.

Sunrise to the East.

A huge breakfast was served at 8 and a tour of the 15 acre estate. After lunch played some tennis and ended up on the beach. Honestly there is so much to do not even sure where to start. Maybe tomorrow, this afternoon it was nice to just relax. One really cool thing about the humidity. The Sheen! Sex was wet, slippery, sticky and hot! I love when the sweat is rolling off you and your hair is wet.

I have had several peeps ask what my favorite thing is here. I love beaches and this one at 1200 ft and private is unbelievable. Really enjoyed the afternoon out there. The concierge even arranged a volleyball net to be set up for us and yeah there may have been some serious smack talk. Not saying anything but our team won. I guess that is a bit strange to come here and with so much we could do we picked beach volleyball 🏐. So. Much. Fun!

Today I celebrated 25 years with Keith. My best friend, partner in trouble, lover, prankster, romantic and most important the keeper of my heart. I love you Keith. The run and beach volleyball made my day!

25th Anniversary Weekend

A pretty chill week. Lunch with some girlfriends, time at the Pool, indoor climbing in the Silo, a few hours of business meetings via Zoom outside and music under the stars every single night.

Friday Night Cinema this week The Greatest Showman. Since it is our Anniversary weekend, the boys let us choose the movie and they gave us permission to invite some of our friends. A kind gesture on their part ♥️. The best part Friday was our son in Provo is home for the week to hang with his younger brothers. Made it back in time for the BBQ. Grilled chicken, corn on the cob, funeral potatoes. Fun evening and lots of singing along! Lit the Barn with a new light show to The Greatest Show track. Quite impressive! The boys are pretty dang good at editing and putting these productions together.

Saturday got to spend some time with our son. Fed the horses, went on a run, relaxed in the sauna and some more climbing. Loved catching up and hearing all about his exciting life in Provo. School is starting at BYU soon and it is going to look much different this year. The football season looks DOA at this point. Pretty brutal year for everyone no matter how you look at circumstances.

Keith took me for a romantic dinner at the Copper Rill. Ordered the Black and Blue Filet Mignon along with a house salad and the roasted garlic mashed potatoes. Pretty awesomely delicious! Enjoyed some Welch’s Sparkling Grape Juice under the stars and Keith had a fun playlist of music. Got him very lucky. I love him so much. Hard to imagine 25 years. Passed too quickly.

Sunday Church at the Chapel at 9 am. A bit of a scramble getting everyone up and moving. Loaded the SUV and off to Sacrament. Keith conducted today and it was strange seeing everyone in masks. Left for the airport immediately after Church. Our boys dropped us off and after hugs got bags loaded on the jet and left about 10:40 for Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Anna and her husband are traveling with and we will meet up with two couples from the Boston group this evening. Good times ahead. Farewell Idaho, until next week!


Blog posts since 2013

All week I have struggled with what to write about for the 700th post here on Angielicious. Kind of insane to think of everything that has happened over the past 7 years. Anyway I hope you enjoy this entry.

Early rise this morning. Went for a run. This time of the year it feels great running before the heat hits. After the run, made a big breakfast for everyone. French toast, bacon, sausage links, orange slices and pineapple juice. Had a lunch date with my friend Ashley again.

Met at Firehouse Grill for lunch and got to meet her boyfriend. Fun restaurant and good food but didn’t eat too much. Water and a Chicken Bacon Salad and some serious flirting. He is 35, divorced and very handsome. Ended up at the SpringHill Suites for some sexy fun.

Ok so they have been wanting me to come and watch them have sex for months. COVID has interrupted pretty much everything but we finally figured a time that worked. I got to play voyeur and it was pretty fucking hot. Sat in the chair for awhile. Eventually I had to finger myself some. About an hour in I was enticed to join them on the King bed. Ashley wanted my kisses. Could I refuse? No! Besides there was plenty of room. Made out with her while he was eating and fucking her. He was bad and stole a few kisses from us both. After his second cum he watched us 69. Ate a load of cum out of her after he got hard again. Yummy! He was a stud. Got it up four times. Guess two naked women on a bed does that. Even though they were trying to coax me into sampling the cock I wouldn’t do the intercourse thing. Keith was ok with some contact but I promised to behave. Promises kept, however I did get to do the Camel Toe Slide and huge orgasm. I screamed! He had a really nice cock and it was hitting my clit so good. Guys eventually run out of stamina so after about 5 hours we called it a day.

I brought Keith back tonight about 7 and we just finished some hot sex in the King bed. Pretty hot with what had happened a few hours earlier. Getting ready to head home soon, but wanted to write this post and share this milestone.

A recommendation. If you are not going to go all the way the Camel Toe Slide is about the best substitute there is. He shot a huge load all over my stomach and chest lol. Ashley cleaned me up really well to. Happy endings!


A Sexy Movie!

Thursday. Planned a field trip for the horses. Loaded up four for a 45 minute trip down to Swan Valley for some exploring. I think the horses actually had a lot of fun! Smiles and everything. ♥️ Was a lot of work and I’ll admit being tired and sore. Love having horses around no matter. Such sweet personalities and they are beautiful. I didn’t expect to fall for them so quickly. When the horses give me hugs it melts me heart.

Fall Creek Falls, Snake River

Friday. Day trip to Salt Lake City. One of our favorite places to eat is Red Rock Brewery. Stopped there for lunch. Had wings, mozzarella sticks,cream soda, rootbeer and burgers. It’s been so long! Got the tee! I really like the Mozzarella sticks! Three orders of them. 😂

Primary Children’s Hospital is a special place. Always feel so taken care of by their people. Our second son is now 16 years old. Sadly he was misdiagnosed for years and now has Stage 3 Kidney Disease. Very fortunate it isn’t worse. Finally found a doctor that did the work. I remember being so frustrated as I was introduced to him and pleading “look at him. He is sick. I can see it, I can feel it, I know it. Please help him!” His initial concern was it might have been leukemia. So you finally get an affirmation there is something wrong and that level of scare is brutal. You suffer with worry waiting.

The news wasn’t good with the kidney disease but the specialists got him stabilized. Had it been three more months he likely would have lost all kidney function. Today his kidneys are about 60% functional. He is growing and getting stronger. Looks healthy again and is a happy kid. He won’t be playing contact sports but he loves basketball, racquetball, tennis, skiing, laser tag, horses, video games, four-wheelers and snowmobiling plus many other things. Loves flying his drone and does gigs recording events. Very proud of him. This was our semi-annual visit plus a few months due to COVID and I can see Hope in his eyes for the good things. Didn’t get the Stage 2 result we were hoping for but progress is progress. Gratitude!

Primary Children’s Hospital

Got home around 5:30 and the boys each had 7 friends coming for Friday Night Cinema. Guests arrived at 7. Keith had pizzas and breadsticks delivered. Boys had a blast. Laser Tag, Arcade and a Movie. Doesn’t get much better than a Tron themed night.

Epic Friday Night Cinema

Plans for upcoming trip to Florida got finalized today. Nice to have that locked and loaded. A bit of a mess on the East Coast currently so wasn’t sure if we could make it work. Leave on the 16th and return on the 22nd of August. One of our Partners and his wife from Boston will be joining us.