Hello August

Spent some time this week wrapping up dōTERRA end of month. Disappointing when someone you carry when they are struggling gives up. Hard way to end such a great month. The sun rises tomorrow just a painful reminder how we are all dependent on each other.

Yesterday had a rendezvous with my Idaho girlfriend. The boys agreed to a girls only play date. Fun to grab my backpack and throw the double-ended dildo in and off I went. Met for an early lunch at Kneaders. Funny sitting there having lunch with my backpack at my feet. If only others knew 😇.

French Dip, my favorite.

After lunch went to her place and made out for awhile. Fingered each other until the clothes came slowly off. It’s really nice having four hours of alone time. Oral and a couple orgasms later scissoring. When you get really wet and turned on tribbing feels sooooooooooo good! A HUGE orgasm. Worked up a sheen and enjoyed a great workout. Honestly it’s like a pleasurable trip to the gym. Had sore legs and abs this morning and a very satisfied pussy. Tingly!


Friday Night Cinema resumed tonight. Crazy hot day so it was a Pool Party with grilled hamburgers. Some of the kids from Keith’s basketball team he coaches joined us with their parents. Hoosiers was the movie. Fun night for the kids and us watching in the Pool. Miss these boys.

One of the greatest sports movies ever.

Slept in late today. Seriously 8 am is is a rare occurrence for me. Daughter called and was hoping to bring a few friends home. Wanted to get out of Provo for the weekend. Had a few hours so ran down to Swan Valley to check on the construction project and after getting back started prepping steak and veggie kabobs for dinner. Keith took the boys each for a ride to grab a few things. Fun evening ahead of the pool, karaoke and the telescope. Moon is almost full and the stars should be bright. Will light the Barn up tonight in BYU royal blue. 💙

Rise & Shout!

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