Additional Information

A quick follow up to yesterday. I have been asked about the pics on the blog. There are some that are real and some that are a likeness. Like any blogger I sometimes use pics that I get online. I like to leave it up to your imagination so I rarely reveal mine. I have found that to be fun for everyone. Yes I am a tease at times, but I want you to enjoy your reading experience.

There are also some rules. A few are listed here.

1. I will not call or text you. Kik is my communication channel. I do reply to comments usually.

2. I rarely post a naked pic. Sorry. Imagination is a gift.

3. Not saying it could never happen, but not looking to hook up.

4. Discretion is King. It rules everything. Respect the King.

5. I don’t support pic collectors. I have posted many here and I update my avatar on Kik and background pic there often.

I do enjoy chatting and appreciate the time so many make to follow or check out this blog. Always willing to try and answer questions from others even if they don’t agree with me. Civility goes a long way in understanding. Like we were taught as children, be kind and come back often.

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