A Sexy Movie!

Thursday. Planned a field trip for the horses. Loaded up four for a 45 minute trip down to Swan Valley for some exploring. I think the horses actually had a lot of fun! Smiles and everything. ♥️ Was a lot of work and I’ll admit being tired and sore. Love having horses around no matter. Such sweet personalities and they are beautiful. I didn’t expect to fall for them so quickly. When the horses give me hugs it melts me heart.

Fall Creek Falls, Snake River

Friday. Day trip to Salt Lake City. One of our favorite places to eat is Red Rock Brewery. Stopped there for lunch. Had wings, mozzarella sticks,cream soda, rootbeer and burgers. It’s been so long! Got the tee! I really like the Mozzarella sticks! Three orders of them. 😂

Primary Children’s Hospital is a special place. Always feel so taken care of by their people. Our second son is now 16 years old. Sadly he was misdiagnosed for years and now has Stage 3 Kidney Disease. Very fortunate it isn’t worse. Finally found a doctor that did the work. I remember being so frustrated as I was introduced to him and pleading “look at him. He is sick. I can see it, I can feel it, I know it. Please help him!” His initial concern was it might have been leukemia. So you finally get an affirmation there is something wrong and that level of scare is brutal. You suffer with worry waiting.

The news wasn’t good with the kidney disease but the specialists got him stabilized. Had it been three more months he likely would have lost all kidney function. Today his kidneys are about 60% functional. He is growing and getting stronger. Looks healthy again and is a happy kid. He won’t be playing contact sports but he loves basketball, racquetball, tennis, skiing, laser tag, horses, video games, four-wheelers and snowmobiling plus many other things. Loves flying his drone and does gigs recording events. Very proud of him. This was our semi-annual visit plus a few months due to COVID and I can see Hope in his eyes for the good things. Didn’t get the Stage 2 result we were hoping for but progress is progress. Gratitude!

Primary Children’s Hospital

Got home around 5:30 and the boys each had 7 friends coming for Friday Night Cinema. Guests arrived at 7. Keith had pizzas and breadsticks delivered. Boys had a blast. Laser Tag, Arcade and a Movie. Doesn’t get much better than a Tron themed night.

Epic Friday Night Cinema

Plans for upcoming trip to Florida got finalized today. Nice to have that locked and loaded. A bit of a mess on the East Coast currently so wasn’t sure if we could make it work. Leave on the 16th and return on the 22nd of August. One of our Partners and his wife from Boston will be joining us.

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