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All week I have struggled with what to write about for the 700th post here on Angielicious. Kind of insane to think of everything that has happened over the past 7 years. Anyway I hope you enjoy this entry.

Early rise this morning. Went for a run. This time of the year it feels great running before the heat hits. After the run, made a big breakfast for everyone. French toast, bacon, sausage links, orange slices and pineapple juice. Had a lunch date with my friend Ashley again.

Met at Firehouse Grill for lunch and got to meet her boyfriend. Fun restaurant and good food but didn’t eat too much. Water and a Chicken Bacon Salad and some serious flirting. He is 35, divorced and very handsome. Ended up at the SpringHill Suites for some sexy fun.

Ok so they have been wanting me to come and watch them have sex for months. COVID has interrupted pretty much everything but we finally figured a time that worked. I got to play voyeur and it was pretty fucking hot. Sat in the chair for awhile. Eventually I had to finger myself some. About an hour in I was enticed to join them on the King bed. Ashley wanted my kisses. Could I refuse? No! Besides there was plenty of room. Made out with her while he was eating and fucking her. He was bad and stole a few kisses from us both. After his second cum he watched us 69. Ate a load of cum out of her after he got hard again. Yummy! He was a stud. Got it up four times. Guess two naked women on a bed does that. Even though they were trying to coax me into sampling the cock I wouldn’t do the intercourse thing. Keith was ok with some contact but I promised to behave. Promises kept, however I did get to do the Camel Toe Slide and huge orgasm. I screamed! He had a really nice cock and it was hitting my clit so good. Guys eventually run out of stamina so after about 5 hours we called it a day.

I brought Keith back tonight about 7 and we just finished some hot sex in the King bed. Pretty hot with what had happened a few hours earlier. Getting ready to head home soon, but wanted to write this post and share this milestone.

A recommendation. If you are not going to go all the way the Camel Toe Slide is about the best substitute there is. He shot a huge load all over my stomach and chest lol. Ashley cleaned me up really well to. Happy endings!

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