25th Anniversary Weekend

A pretty chill week. Lunch with some girlfriends, time at the Pool, indoor climbing in the Silo, a few hours of business meetings via Zoom outside and music under the stars every single night.

Friday Night Cinema this week The Greatest Showman. Since it is our Anniversary weekend, the boys let us choose the movie and they gave us permission to invite some of our friends. A kind gesture on their part ♥️. The best part Friday was our son in Provo is home for the week to hang with his younger brothers. Made it back in time for the BBQ. Grilled chicken, corn on the cob, funeral potatoes. Fun evening and lots of singing along! Lit the Barn with a new light show to The Greatest Show track. Quite impressive! The boys are pretty dang good at editing and putting these productions together.

Saturday got to spend some time with our son. Fed the horses, went on a run, relaxed in the sauna and some more climbing. Loved catching up and hearing all about his exciting life in Provo. School is starting at BYU soon and it is going to look much different this year. The football season looks DOA at this point. Pretty brutal year for everyone no matter how you look at circumstances.

Keith took me for a romantic dinner at the Copper Rill. Ordered the Black and Blue Filet Mignon along with a house salad and the roasted garlic mashed potatoes. Pretty awesomely delicious! Enjoyed some Welch’s Sparkling Grape Juice under the stars and Keith had a fun playlist of music. Got him very lucky. I love him so much. Hard to imagine 25 years. Passed too quickly.

Sunday Church at the Chapel at 9 am. A bit of a scramble getting everyone up and moving. Loaded the SUV and off to Sacrament. Keith conducted today and it was strange seeing everyone in masks. Left for the airport immediately after Church. Our boys dropped us off and after hugs got bags loaded on the jet and left about 10:40 for Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Anna and her husband are traveling with and we will meet up with two couples from the Boston group this evening. Good times ahead. Farewell Idaho, until next week!

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