A Special Day

Flight landed this afternoon in Fort Lauderdale. Met up with our friends that flew in from Boston about 20 minutes prior to us. I love that plane. Seriously getting spoiled flying on the G280. A couple of Suburbans were waiting to deliver the eight of us to the property in Palm Beach.

Upon arrival each couple was given a leather binder with marketing material and a map of the property with details of…everything. I am worried there may be a test 😂. Seriously the VIP experience was off the chart, including a concierge! I am sure it was to impress, it worked! She was beautiful and smart!

Bags were delivered to the suites and had about an hour before dinner. Caesar salad, lobster 🦞, shrimp 🍤 and for dessert, A rich moist chocolate cake with a chocolate buttercream icing. I kid you not, it was deliciously decadent.

Best Cake in the World!

Ended the day in the hot tub relaxing. There are times your life you ask yourself wtf?! Grateful to be here with Keith but no idea how it happened.

Sunset to the West.

Monday morning woke up early before sunrise. After a night of the sexy sex, Keith promised to go on a run with me and to watch the sunrise for our Anniversary. I made sure we didn’t miss out.

Sunrise to the East.

A huge breakfast was served at 8 and a tour of the 15 acre estate. After lunch played some tennis and ended up on the beach. Honestly there is so much to do not even sure where to start. Maybe tomorrow, this afternoon it was nice to just relax. One really cool thing about the humidity. The Sheen! Sex was wet, slippery, sticky and hot! I love when the sweat is rolling off you and your hair is wet.

I have had several peeps ask what my favorite thing is here. I love beaches and this one at 1200 ft and private is unbelievable. Really enjoyed the afternoon out there. The concierge even arranged a volleyball net to be set up for us and yeah there may have been some serious smack talk. Not saying anything but our team won. I guess that is a bit strange to come here and with so much we could do we picked beach volleyball 🏐. So. Much. Fun!

Today I celebrated 25 years with Keith. My best friend, partner in trouble, lover, prankster, romantic and most important the keeper of my heart. I love you Keith. The run and beach volleyball made my day!

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