Additional Information

A quick follow up to yesterday. I have been asked about the pics on the blog. There are some that are real and some that are a likeness. Like any blogger I sometimes use pics that I get online. I like to leave it up to your imagination so I rarely reveal mine. I have found that to be fun for everyone. Yes I am a tease at times, but I want you to enjoy your reading experience.

There are also some rules. A few are listed here.

1. I will not call or text you. Kik is my communication channel. I do reply to comments usually.

2. I rarely post a naked pic. Sorry. Imagination is a gift.

3. Not saying it could never happen, but not looking to hook up.

4. Discretion is King. It rules everything. Respect the King.

5. I don’t support pic collectors. I have posted many here and I update my avatar on Kik and background pic there often.

I do enjoy chatting and appreciate the time so many make to follow or check out this blog. Always willing to try and answer questions from others even if they don’t agree with me. Civility goes a long way in understanding. Like we were taught as children, be kind and come back often.


One of the greatest things about being a parent is your kids having their friends over. I miss a full house of laughing and loud kids. Our 16 year old is finally coming out of his shell and hoping as COVID paranoia fades away lots of high schoolers will be hanging at the Barn. This weekend our daughter came home with a few of her friends from Provo. They have been practicing hard and it’s not been easy wondering what an uncertain year has in store for them. Saturday was a good night. Laughed and cried. Sometimes Karaoke does that to you. Got some dancing in to! The girls lit the Barn. Happy night.

Sunday we just chilled. Girls slept in until after 10. Fast Sunday so it was a quiet morning. Had Sacrament and everyone shared their testimony. Stayed up talking late about life and listening. They asked me what I thought about a few things but love those nights of talking your thoughts out,

Aromatherapy. Peace in a Bottle.

Monday took the girls to Kneaders for breakfast. All you can eat French Toast, side of bacon, Smoothie and we definitely had seconds! I won’t admit to thirds but yeah…😂. After getting back to the Homestead I gave each of the girls an AromaTouch light massage with dōTERRA essential oils. I think it really helped, they were so chill. Spent the rest of the day at the Pool. Another really warm day in the 90s. Girls headed back to Provo at 4. Late enough to avoid rush hour through Salt Lake City. No fun to get caught in. This was a good weekend. I already miss them.

Background Revisited

With nearly 7 years and 700 posts on this blog I have found that there is a lot of history and background. Unfortunately some readers don’t take the time to read, they just want the answers. It gets old answering the same questions over and over and over and over. So here is a bit of background that might help. I personally believe reading the blog from the beginning will give you the best experience, but whatever. Enjoy!

Background. Born in 1976 and am currently 29 years old, 5’6” 124 green eyes, thin, long hair. Color changes a bit by season. Usually three highlights. Guys want to know, so to satisfy your curiosity my measurements are 34C 34-28-34. I attended Ricks for a year then transferred to BYU. Keith and I were engaged while I was at Ricks and married in August of 95. We have 4 kids, 2 dogs, 1 cat and live in Idaho Falls. Active LDS and happily married. Many more details are in the blog and I’m more willing to discuss questions in greater detail on Kik, but really don’t enjoy catching people up. Like you, I am busy with life so willing to spend some time if you are.

I am open minded but not in a rush to play or hook up. Have some very close friends I enjoy some naughty time with. If I ever do decide to hook up with someone new it takes a very long time, so if patience isn’t one of your virtues you are likely doomed. I really do appreciate you taking some time to look at my blog whether you continue to follow or not. ♥️


Often hear peeps dreading Monday as they begin their week. No question Monday can be a challenge. Something that may help is a change of paradigm. Have you ever noticed that a calendar starts the week with Sunday? Make Sunday a great day whether you chill, go to Church, make dinner or whatever. It is day and if you use wisely sets the tone for the whole week. Start with Sunday.

Hello August

Spent some time this week wrapping up dōTERRA end of month. Disappointing when someone you carry when they are struggling gives up. Hard way to end such a great month. The sun rises tomorrow just a painful reminder how we are all dependent on each other.

Yesterday had a rendezvous with my Idaho girlfriend. The boys agreed to a girls only play date. Fun to grab my backpack and throw the double-ended dildo in and off I went. Met for an early lunch at Kneaders. Funny sitting there having lunch with my backpack at my feet. If only others knew 😇.

French Dip, my favorite.

After lunch went to her place and made out for awhile. Fingered each other until the clothes came slowly off. It’s really nice having four hours of alone time. Oral and a couple orgasms later scissoring. When you get really wet and turned on tribbing feels sooooooooooo good! A HUGE orgasm. Worked up a sheen and enjoyed a great workout. Honestly it’s like a pleasurable trip to the gym. Had sore legs and abs this morning and a very satisfied pussy. Tingly!


Friday Night Cinema resumed tonight. Crazy hot day so it was a Pool Party with grilled hamburgers. Some of the kids from Keith’s basketball team he coaches joined us with their parents. Hoosiers was the movie. Fun night for the kids and us watching in the Pool. Miss these boys.

One of the greatest sports movies ever.

Slept in late today. Seriously 8 am is is a rare occurrence for me. Daughter called and was hoping to bring a few friends home. Wanted to get out of Provo for the weekend. Had a few hours so ran down to Swan Valley to check on the construction project and after getting back started prepping steak and veggie kabobs for dinner. Keith took the boys each for a ride to grab a few things. Fun evening ahead of the pool, karaoke and the telescope. Moon is almost full and the stars should be bright. Will light the Barn up tonight in BYU royal blue. 💙

Rise & Shout!